3 Common Pests and How You Can Keep Them Out

Spring is the perfect time to start rearranging the house, cleaning up around the yard, changing up the décor to give it more of a fresh new look, and double checking that your home is indeed free of pests.

Spring cleaning is an excellent way to locate where, when, and how bugs invade your home. Some of the pests you find are easy enough to control all by yourself, but others will need the assistance of a professional to keep them out. Here are some tips that will help you keep these common pests away.


Ants are a more common pest in homes throughout the United States. They can cause all sorts of problems too. They can spread dirt and disease, and a few species will deliver rather painful bites.

Making sure the ants have no way to enter your home is the single best way to prevent an infestation. Caulk all siding, window trims, and doors. Making sure plants, bushes and shrubs aren’t touching your home is another great way to prevent them from entering. Don’t give them a ladder into your home. Keep all plants trimmed at least 18 inches from your home.


Termites can live under your home for years without you knowing it, but this is the time of year when they might be seen in large swarms. Flying termites are known as swarmers. These are the reproductive termites. These swarming pests don’t eat wood, but they do help produce the ones that do. You can keep termites from invading your home using the same tactics as ants, but an infestation will require help from a Houston pest control professional.


The warmer days of spring mean all the biting or stinging insects will start waking up. Our chances of coming into contact with these painful stinging bugs are much greater once they start to emerge from their winter slumber.

Seeing a nest or two around the house is not cause for alarm. Most wasps are not social hive-creating insects. The ones you see are likely the only ones around the house. You can easily remove these pests yourself but beware of their painful stings. One small nest may hold dozens of stinging wasps, and multiple stings can be a huge problem. Calling in a professional pest control company is the single best way to avoid getting stung.

At BUGCO, we are here to help you keep all of these insect pests away. Give us a call today!

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