Bed Bug Treatment

What Are Bed Bugs, And
How Do You Get Them?

Bed bugs are almost inevitable. Why you ask? You can encounter them anywhere, from your own house to a hotel room. These wingless creatures are a major headache once they enter your home; however, BUGCO® Pest Control knows how to get rid of them.

If you are experiencing a bed bug infestation in Austin, Texas, contact the experts today!

If you have noticed a reddish-brown, balloon-like insect crawling on your bed recently, you might have a problem—those oval-shaped creatures are your worst nightmares.

Bed bugs primarily feed on the blood of humans and animals. Though they cannot fly (thankfully!), they are blessed with a speed that allows them to scurry on floors and walls. Adult bed bugs are the size of an apple seed, whereas young ones are easy to escape the eye. Now, you might be wondering how they made it to your living space.

Bed bugs can enter your house through clothing or luggage or even recently purchased, pre-owned beds. Because of their wee little bodies, they are almost undetectable. Their body size also makes it easier for bed bugs to fit in any space. However, they usually live in groups. Bedbugs build their homes in bed frames and mattresses initially and scatter throughout the bedroom gradually. They pierce the skin and draw blood using their elongated beaks when people are fast asleep. They leave behind itchy welts on exposed skin areas.

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    Bed Bug on Bedding
    Bed Bug Shadow

    How BUGCO Pest Control Deals With Bed Bugs

    BUGCO® Pest Control has years of experience providing solutions to Austin, Texas, homes, and businesses. It starts with an inspection of the property, followed by a treatment plan.  After treatment, we ask residents to vacate the house for at least three-to-four hours. For commercial Austin properties, we ensure minimal business disruption while providing top-quality results.

    Worth The Time

    Does the presence of these creepy creatures bug you? If the answer is yes, then it might be time to give us a call. Delaying an inspection might turn a supposedly small problem into a big one. Squashing well-fed bed bugs may look like an easy way out, but they can leave behind a stain. Unfed bed bugs can be tough to kill, as they have hard shells. Instead, hire a BUGCO® Pest Control exterminator with the know-how and necessary equipment to kill them right away.

    Bed Bug in Carpet

    Call your Austin Bed Bug Experts

    BUGCO® Pest Control is a certified pest control firm serving the Austin, Texas, area owned and operated by veterans. We know that pests, like bed bugs, can pose serious health hazards and work quickly to remove our customer’s risks.  Our technicians are trained, licensed, and determined to carry out their jobs effectively, from inspections to eliminating pests. Our bug exterminators are highly skilled and have an eye for detail – plus we do it at an affordable price.
    Watch this video on how to prepare for a bed bug treatment
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