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You may not have 500 different types of pests in your house, but there’s a slim chance that your house is entirely pest-free. To keep your family and home healthy, you need to be vigilant about a pest infestation. 

That’s where BUGCO can help. Our Austin, Texas pest exclusion services can analyze the pest situation in your home or business and help you avoid any future problems. 

Plan For a Future With No Pests 

Pests don’t always just cause bites; they can also transmit infectious diseases and ruin buildings.  Both you and the structure of your house can stay intact with pests gone. Infestations affect your home differently, depending on the season: Ants invade in April, moths in May, woodworm in June, flying ants in July, wasps in August, and rodents in October and November. 

Common pests like mosquitoes spread dengue, rodents damage the wiring in walls, and squirrels chew holes. Other insects can bring bacteria into your house that can cause E. coli and Lyme disease. There’s also a chance that mice and rats can cause your Austin, Texas home to mysteriously catch on fire.  

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    Holding Puppy Hands

    Let Bugco Protect Your Home

    We begin the process of pest exclusion by examining your home. Identifying and blocking the entry points are some of the most critical steps. Our team searches for any cracks or openings that can allow insects or wildlife to enter your indoor space. Because we have carried out the service for numerous homeowners, we know where these spaces hide.

    For instance, we will look for holes in your siding, foundation, and vents. Next, we will inspect your chimney, window screens, and eaves. Prevention is key. It is comparatively more affordable to prevent wildlife from entering rather than paying a large sum to remove them. The cost of this service depends on the required materials and the labor involved.

    Keep Pests Out  

    Many Austin, Texas homeowners feel that they can control pest infestation all by themselves. While many think that DIY pest control can save some dollars, they forget that these services require professional knowledge and products to be effective. You might end up misapplying chemicals or using incorrect substances that only add to the problem. To get the best out of pest control, you need to be familiar with the nitty-gritty of the process. 

    Hiring a professional is the best possible option. Exterminators can ensure your safety and prevent disappointments by quickly removing unwanted invaders from your home. Plus, the best company will know how to remove pests and prevent them. 

    Custom Solutions for Austin Homes

    It is challenging to find a reliable pest control company. Pests are one-of-a-kind problems and dealing with them requires special skills. Homeowners are often unaware that pests are damaging their houses. But ignorance cannot be blissful, as it can cost you a fortune to repair the damages. 

    BUGCO offers professional assistance in preventing wildlife and insects from entering your home. We’re also prepared to handle your pest problems in the blink of an eye – whether it’s a squirrel or an ant. 

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