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Don't Let Pests Ruin Your Yard

It is easy for pests to call your lawn their home. All they need to do is make a move, get a comfy place to breed, and secure their futures. If you have examined your yard and noticed a few of them resting, feeding, or just enjoying their time, don’t let them get too comfortable – they can cause irreversible damage to your yard. 

Before yard pests move in permanently, get BUGCO’s help. One call can immediately make these pests vanish from your Austin, Texas property. After all, you put a lot of work into making this space worth showing off. 

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    Common Austin area Yard Pests

    Ants. These frequent visitors to your lawn barge in, uninvited and unapologetic. Though ants can indeed be beneficial for your yard to some extent, too many of them can be destructive.

    White grubs. Grubs can cover your yard with their eggs in no time. They eat grassroots and bury beneath the soil to protect themselves from the harsh winters. They are easily noticeable once they become adults. 

    Sod Webworms. Creatures scurrying around the ground is one thing, but insects flying out in the open crosses the line for many people. And to be honest, Sod Webworms are excellent at flying. These wheat-colored moths are tiny and can make your grass dormant. 

    Chinch Bugs. The black, hourglass-shaped surface feeders are hard to notice because of their size. They are particularly frustrating because they feed on the grass sap and cause widespread damage. 

    Billbugs. Spring may not be the season to enjoy the outdoors in Austin because Billbugs love to return to the yards during this time to lay their eggs. The babies feast on the grass and destroy it beyond repair. 

    Take control of your yard

    BUCGO has a wide range of yard pest treatments available for the Austin, Texas, area. The price of the service depends on the size of the yard and the scope of the work. We identify which pests are the problem to help assess your pest control needs.

    For example, if ants are the problem, you may opt for one treatment quarterly. However, we first need to ensure the types of ants we are treating. If it is fire ants, then the extermination process will differ, depending on the severity of infestation. BUGCO will ensure you understand your options and help you choose the best treatment for your space.

    We start with an inspection to assess your needs. Then we provide the service with a full warranty. If the problem persists, we’ll return at no additional costs. 

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    Make the Disappear!

    If you need pest control in your yard, BUGCO is here to serve. We treat all kinds of Austin, Texas pest infestations. With skilled technicians to deal with the most stubborn situations, BUGCO can assure you a property free of any risks posed by pests. 

    Our treatments make it possible for you and your pets to enjoy your yard to its fullest. Warm weather can provide favorable conditions for insects to breed. That is why we use the best possible technologies to control pest growth and eliminate them before they even get a chance to get into your home. 

    Rest assured, we will always provide you and your loved ones a safe space both inside and outside your house. 

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