Backpack Fogging Knocks Down Flying Insects

BUGCO® Pest Control offers backpack fogging as a way to quickly knock down flying pests like mosquitoes, wasps, gnats, and others. It’s a way to clear your yard of these pests before holding an outdoor party or other outdoor events. Call BUGCO® Pest Control for more information. Darrell explains our backpack fogging service in this video.

Summary of the Backpack Fogging Video

– Hey everyone, it’s Darrell with BUGCO® Pest Control. And I just wanted to talk about flying insects and our backpack fogging services today.

With this warm weather, we really have all kinds of flying pests in the Houston area including biting midges, mosquitoes, flies, and gnats. All of these insects have come back in full force and show no signs of slowing down.

So I wanted to talk to you about the backpack fogging services we offer at BUGCO® Pest Control. It has a very good knockdown effect, and it’s going to reduce the population of all kinds of flying insects in the area treated.

Depending on the weather and rain, this is a short-term answer to a long-term problem. The flying insects will always return, but what we can do is routinely come and knock down the population, especially in heavily wooded areas where the wind is blocked!

We can also come out before an outdoor party or other events to ensure that flying insects don’t torment your guests. We’ve even been called to provide backpack fogging services to an area auto car dealership to ensure that car buyers aren’t tormented by flying insects like mosquitoes.

Let us know how often and where in your yard you’ve seen concentrations of flying insects. If you’ve seen them in a higher concentration in one part of the yard over another, we can do backpack fogging as frequently as every two weeks, or for an outdoor event, you’re planning. Give us a call at one of the numbers listed above for more information.

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