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We provide you with licensed professional, customer-focused pest control technicians to eliminate your commercial kitchen pest control problems and prevent new problems from developing.  Pest control is all we do, and we’re good at it.  Call us at 281-240-2157 for a free inspection, and let us prepare a proposal to solve your pest problems.   We’re located in Texas, and we serve customers in the greater Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio areas.  Check our customer reviews and Yelp reviews to see what our customers say about our services!


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    Summary of the Commercial Kitchen Pest Control Video
    • John Onofrey:  Hi, folks, this is John Onofrey with BUGCO® We make the bugs go pest control. I’m here today with Chris Millward, our Director of Operations, and today we’re going to talk about inspecting and treating commercial kitchens in the Houston area. Hey Chris, tell me a little bit about your strategy when you first come to a new restaurant that decides to do business with us, what are you looking for?
    • BUGCO® Pest Control Commercial Kitchen Pest Control

    • Chris Millward:  Well, particularly in Houston, first thing I do when I walk into any commercial kitchen is I’m going to assume that there are roaches, that’s just the most common thing. So, I’m gonna come in, look for grease build up, dirty floors, maybe food debris, improper cleaning, sanitation methods, and it’ll help me identify where I really need to focus my attention, but it’s gonna be german roaches, phorid flies, drain flies, stuff to that.

    • John:  Maybe ants, maybe rodents?

    • Chris:  Yeah, maybe, definitely rodents. Rats are very common.

    • John:  Okay, so your first step of importance is inspection.

    • Chris:  Yes.

    • John:  What comes after that?

    • Chris:  Well, after we identify what the pest is, by the evidence left, fecal matter and so on and so on, we come up with a treatment plan or a method. Ideally, we’re gonna come in, we’re going to assume it’s german roaches because that’s the most common thing, come in, inspect the flushing.  We’re going to inspect and flush wheels, cracks and crevices around sinks, stuff like that then we’ll come back again, dust and bait those hot areas. And then we’ll come back one more time, and lay pheromone traps so we have something to follow up when we return.

    • John:  Okay, so that’s pretty good start, when you first walk in to a commercial kitchen, that’s generally gonna get things under control, but it’s not like you do this one time and it’s over, right?

    • Chris:  No, no.

    • John:  Tell me about that.

    • Chris:  Right, another big thing in Houston, we have a lot of restaurants, so there’s a lot of trucking companies that are always competing to deliver products. These trucking companies don’t have to have pest control like the restaurants do. You’re always being introduced with new pests, and in this case, german roaches, which are the most common. So you really have to have either, like, a once a month plan or every two weeks plan, some places even weekly plan, where we’re constantly putting down chemical or residuals, or treating, dusting, and baiting, so we can keep up with the new population that’s being introduced.

    • John:  Alright, Chris, well, thanks for your tips on commercial kitchen pest control in Houston. If you have a commercial kitchen in the Houston area, and you have a need for commercial kitchen pest control, call our office at 281-240-2157, or visit our website at That’s B-U-G-C-O dot org.

    • Chris: And don’t forget, we make the bugs go.