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Extermination VS. Exclusion

Have you ever found pests in your home? Whether it’s a mouse in your bedroom or a raccoon in your kitchen, they’re more than a nuisance. They can bring dirt and even disease into your house and damage the structure. Of course, the first thing you want to do is get them out as quickly as you can, and BUGCO can help.

But that doesn’t solve the long-term problem. If the pests were able to get into your home once, they could do it again. You need BUGCO’s pest and wildlife exclusion service to ensure all those small animals and insects native to Dallas stay where they belong: outside.

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Planning Ahead of Pests

Our pest exclusion services start with a home inspection. We’ve helped homeowners all over Dallas figure out how pests and wildlife are getting into their homes and block the entry points. Our technicians are experts on how these creatures get into houses and look for any crack that might serve as an entryway. That could be opening around vents or utilities, cracks in the foundation, window screens, a chimney, gaps in the siding, and more. If pests or wildlife are using it to get in, your BUGCO technician will find it.

If the fix is relatively simple, we’ll plug it ourselves. If it requires expert masonry, carpentry, or another tradesperson, we can recommend a fantastic Dallas expert to help you out. We have great relationships with contractors throughout the city. We can help you find an affordable expert who will make sure that your home is completely sealed off and prevent unwanted guests from moving in.

Stay Prepared With Pest Exclusion in Dallas

You might be able to trap or poison the wildlife that gets into your home on your own, but if you do not patch the entrances they are using, you will keep being infested with new pests. No one likes sharing their home with insects or constantly wondering what kind of creature they’ll find in their pantry next. When you work with BUGCO’s Dallas-based pest exclusion services, you can be confident that your home is well sealed. It’s also much less expensive to prevent animals from getting in in the first place than hiring us to remove wildlife down the road. We even offer discounts for first responders, veterans, and others.

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