Do It Yourself Pest Control

Is Do It Yourself Pest Control a Good Idea?

All of us have used Do It Yourself Pest Control, but is it a good idea.  In this video, Danielle talks about some of the reasons you might want to call a professional pest control company, and it has to do with the safety of you and your family.  Using the wrong pesticide or using the right pesticide in the wrong way can be ineffective and even dangerous.  Call us at 281-240-2157 for more information.

Do It Yourself Pest Control Can Force Bedbugs into Hiding without Killing Them

Do it yourself pest control falls under easy isn’t always right and what is right isn’t always easy. Pest control doesn’t come with a once size fits all answer, so when you think that, you can search the internet to find the do-it-yourself pest control project of the day. You may be correct, but that does not always make it right.

Improper application

The number one issue with do-it-yourself pest control is a misapplication of chemicals, whether a chemical you purchased online or something you picked up from one of the big box stores. However, a few more factors play into pest control, and we will cover some.

Consequences of Misapplication

While do-it-yourself pest control sounds like a good idea, you can over-complicate by self-treating. Improper chemical usage can drive pests into hiding. They will find untreated areas of your home if you do not kill them on contact. They will multiply until, wham! The chemical you applied fades, and they return. And you return to one of those mega stores to buy more chemicals.

Problems with Do it yourself pest controlFor example, roaches, fleas, bedbugs, and ants are excellent examples of pests that go into hiding when you use a fogger. They go into hiding because the fog does not reach the cracks and crevices that pests call home.

Another example is ants, and certain ant species will break one colony into multiple colonies in your home if the wrong type of chemical is applied. In addition, you cannot use repellents and baits interchangeably for all ant types. So identification is key to proper treatment.

BUGCO® technicians are trained to identify the species of pests that threaten your family and your home, and they’re experienced in selecting the right chemical and non-chemical strategies to eliminate those pests.  Check the feedback and reviews we’ve received from our customers and the reviews we’ve received on websites like Yelp.

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