Do You Have Bed Bugs?

Do You Have Bed Bugs in Your Bedroom?

Bed bugs are on the rise. They are starting to appear in more homes across the United States, but apartments and condos are quickly becoming some of the most likely places to find an infestation, and it is really easy to see why. It only takes one tenant to spread the infestation to the entire complex. The bed bugs move silently through the walls from one unit to the next, and within a few short weeks, the whole complex gets closed down due to a massive infestation.Do You Have Bed Bugs in Your Bedroom?

How Can You Determine if You Have Bed Bugs?

Have Bed Bugs in Houston? Call BUGCO Pest ControlBed bugs can be difficult to spot because they are so sneaky, but they leave behind a few clues that can help you identify them. While you might not see the bed bugs, you can see something they leave behind in your bed. Bed bugs don’t mind relieving themselves in your bed.

If you have bed bugs, you’ll see little tiny black spots on your bedding, sheets, mattress, bed frame, and pillows. These tiny spots will not be something that you can brush off with your hands. They stay put, and yes, these spots are the bed bug’s fecal matter. This is the easiest way to determine whether or not you have bed bugs living in your home.

Treating Your Home for Bed Bugs

Treating bed bugs is simple. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call BUGCO Pest Control at 281-240-2157. We will eliminate these nasty pests the right way.

An exterminator in Vermont was recently penalized $70,000 for treating a bed bug infestation with a federally banned pesticide. This exterminator lost his license in the process, but the damage was already done. Don’t hire a pest control company that’s unqualified to eliminate your bed bug infestation! BUGCO Pest Control eliminates your bed bugs safely, without endangering your family or your pets.

Your home does not need to become a battleground where bed bugs are victorious. Our proven methods will remove those nasty bugs from your home, and you will be able to sleep in peace. Call BUGCO® Pest Control at 281-240-2157 today!

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