Pest Control in Early Childhood Education

Protecting Students and Staff from Pesky Bugs!

We know how important it is to keep your students and staff safe and healthy and your parents have enough to worry about without being concerned where a sting or bite came from on their child. That is why BUGCO® Pest Control offers convenient treatment options and times. Contact us or learn more about how we treat by visiting us at Pest Control and Schools, an Integrated Pest Management Approach.

Who We Service

  • Learning Academies
  • College Campuses
  • Daycares
  • Universities
  • School Districts
  • The EC Community
  • And Many More!

Check Out This Google Review!

“BUGCO® was exhibiting at our (TXAEYC) conference in Galveston for early childhood educators. The dumpster had an infestation of gnats that came in while the bay door was open and move in began. That evening it was hard to talk to people while gnats were just flying around everyone. The convention center stated that it would be taken care of. Well they weren’t sure when this would happen and some of the workers thought cans of Raid would work. So we asked Bugco who was there exhibiting and they were out early the next day and took care of us. Thank you for your help. See you in San Antonio.”

– Michael Gonzalez

President of TXAEYC or The Texas Association of the Education of Young Children

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