Emerging Technologies Are Keeping Pests Further From Your Home

The pest control industry is always evolving and changing to meet the demands of consumers, businesses, and pests. New and innovative ways to keep pests out of our lives are always emerging, and many of these new, innovative forms of pest control revolve around emerging technologies.

One emerging technology that is currently getting a lot of attention in the United States is the technology behind automated drones. This new technology gives anyone the ability to control a flying aircraft. Much of the technology behind these drones are very sophisticated and allows the drones to be flown with little to no experience. In some cases, the drones will completely fly themselves.

What Do Drones and Pest Control Have In Common?

You wouldn’t think that a drone would have a purpose in the pest control industry, but people are finding all sorts of uses for these automated flying machines, and pest control is one of the uses. Combining a drone with a pest known to eradicate other pests proves beneficial to students at the University of Queensland in Australia.


There are a few species of mites in Australia that can completely devastate entire crops very quickly. Combating these problematic mites with pesticides can be difficult. Combating them with other mites is not so difficult. The real problem is determining the best way to get the good bugs out there where the nasty bugs are. This is where drone technologies come into play.

Students at the university have figured out a way to deploy the good bugs like a miniature army of soldiers using a drone. The good bugs are loaded into a drone, flown over precious crops, and then dropped from the air where they can help combat all of the bugs.

The Outcome Looks Promising

The final results allowed students to drop concentrated amounts of good bugs into areas where the bad bugs were destroying crops. While this concept of delivering good bugs is still in its infancy, it appears to be working very well.

The good bugs dispersed during initial trials have already helped keep the bugs in check. Could drones and other emerging technologies be the pest control of the future? None of the current technologies have the ability to replace humans in the field of pest control, but there are plenty of emerging technologies that help pest control companies keep pests out of your home or place of business.

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