New Way to Find Bed Bugs Before They Multiply

Find Bed Bugs Before an Infestation Occurs

Do you know how to find bed bugs?  As the bed bug invasion spreads from state to state, people are looking for new ways to control the growing epidemic. Conventional pest control methods work once a nasty bed bug infestation is found, but an infestation is not always that easy.

Bed Bugs on MattressBed bugs are clever. They know when and where they are most likely to run into human contact to avoid these areas. They wait until we are asleep at night, and then they march out in droves for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a few snacks. In most cases, you never even realize they are there until it is too late. Finding these pests is a problem, but there may be a way to use our furry four-legged friends to help win the fight.

Can Dogs Find Bed Bugs?

Dogs have already been highly trained to sniff out things like illegal narcotics and possible explosive materials. Could our four-legged friends be trained to sniff out a bed bug population in homes and businesses?

Dogs have a very good sense of smell, and if properly trained, they could help locate a small bed bug population before it gets out of hand. All it takes is the proper training. Once the dog has received the appropriate training, it is only a matter of walking them through a location where bed bugs are suspected. The dog will then alert its trainer of any bed bugs it sniffs out.

What Happens Next?

The dogs can only help to find bed bugs. They can’t get rid of the problem. Suppose the trained dog locates a bed bug population. In that case, a professional pest control company must be called in to properly remove and eradicate the bed bug population before it gets any worse.

That is where BUGCO® Pest Control comes in. Homeowners and business owners trust BUGCO® Pest Control to put an end to bed bugs before the infestation grows. So, if bed bugs have been found in your home or place of business, then give us a call today. We will be glad to come by and help you get rid of the problem forever.

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