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Like with any industry there are things that happen behind the curtain so to speak that the average consumer is not aware of. This is true of the Pest Control Industry as well. Here, BUGCO® will try to educate and empower you to make the best and most informed choices regarding your Pest Control Providers.

The following are actual reviews found online.

Door to Door Sales Scams

8/20/2020   An Actual Yelp! Review   Houston, Texas
“The sales rep at the door spoke to an incapacitated adult who is not the homeowner. A free service was really the big push, and a contract was never mentioned. Then came the 2nd visit, a titled “letter” (another trick of the trade not to label it contract or agreement) was given to the same adult who signed for the service which was paid ($79). There have been no improvements on pests. I called explaining to Courtney and Lefty (acct managers) that I as the homeowner did not sign off on this and the services are yielding no results. I was told by Courtney “well I usually read what I sign” and both said “we weren’t present for what was said by the rep”. How can you hire sales reps that arent disclosing what’s going clearly and who don’t ask for the homeowner? And charging your clients $224 to cancel when the service is crap. I still have bugs in and outside my house. Go to Bugco or any other pest control that doesn’t trick you into a contract and then gouge you during a pandemic.”

Transparency and The Hidden Cost of Hidden Fees

An Actual Google Review   Dallas, TX

“Their “unlimited” quarterly contract is a joke. The contract explicitly states the pests that are covered, however, when you actually have a pest that needs to be taken care of, it’s an extra charge. The manager said “yes your contract does not state that this treatment is extra, however that’s just how we do it”. Extremely poor service. Completely breech of contract. They do not refund for their mistakes.”

An Actual Google Review   Austin, TX

“I’ve canceled by phone and email numerous times and Atex continues to bill my credit card with unauthorized charges .. Beware!!!”

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