How to Control Mosquitoes

Control Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes may be tiny creatures, but they can create a huge negative impact on your health. One bite from them can put you or your loved ones at risk of getting sick from diseases like the West Nile Virus. They fly from one location to the other, sucking the blood of one human to the other, and we don’t know what they bring with them once they reach our homes.

While not every mosquito bite can cause problems bigger than an itch, it is still better to be safe than sorry. These little pests thrive in stagnant water, as this is where their larvae and pupae grow. They can also be found in dark and humid areas with a lot of moisture, such as tall grass, hollow trees, leaves, and other parts of nature. Because of this, your backyard is one of the most important places you need to protect on your property.

You can do multiple things to minimize the number of mosquitoes in your home and lessen your family’s chances of getting sick. While eliminating adult mosquitoes is good, the end goal is to prevent them from breeding. This means you must disrupt their life cycle and eliminate any habitats that may seem to attract them.

Try some of the suggestions below.

#1 Clean Up!

As mentioned, they love dark and humid areas. If you offer them a lot of nooks and crannies to hide in, the greater the chances you have of them creating a much larger problem. One great first step is to clear any debris within your backyard, such as toys, leaves, fallen branches, compost, tall grass, overgrown vegetation, and the like.

Moreover, once these are clear, the treatment you decide to apply can be better spread around and absorbed.

#2 Dethatch

Dethatching is the process of removing a tightly woven layer of dead stems, roots, and leaves that can be found between new grass and the soil underneath. It is normal to have this; it is even considered a healthy layer to protect your lawn. However, it can quickly become an inviting, humid space for pests.

#3 Remove standing water

If there are areas that collect water and will likely be left standing, clean them out to prevent breeding. Mosquitoes spend 75% of their life cycle in water, so this is a step you do not want to skip!

Check around your house for items like tires, pots, grill covers, tarps, garbage can lids, gutters, and about every other thing you can imagine that will hold standing water.

#4 Add natural repellants

Some plants naturally repel mosquitoes, which would make them perfect for your backyard. You can try planting various types of plants that repel these annoying pests, such as citronella, lavender, catnip, marigolds, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

#5 Hire professionals

At BUGCO® Pest Control, we use advanced mosquito exterminating and repellant systems that target multiple breeding locations. We also ensure that our treatment plans control both larvae and adults to keep your backyard pest-free. The in2care mosquito trap is a natural mosquito control system that helps reduce the mosquito population by controlling both the mosquito larvae and adult mosquitos where they lay their eggs.

Moreover, our mosquito misting systems quickly kill mosquitoes in 2-3 sprays and cover about 4,000 square feet to provide uninterrupted prevention.

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