How to Control Rodents
in Your House

Mouse Trap

Many people are unaware of how serious a rodent issue may be. This is why rodent control is so important. They can be harmful or even fatal to people; they do not only do damage to your house. 

Rodents can cause a lot of damage. Your walls, roofing, and items stored in your garage and attic can all be damaged by a mouse or rat infestation. Rodents will also carry diseases. Interestingly, some people find them terrifying, and you certainly don’t want to wake everyone in the middle of the night with screams of fright. Here are some suggestions for eliminating rodents.

Rodent Prevention Tips:

  • Be sure to empty trash cans as regularly as possible and to keep them tightly closed.
  • Food shouldn’t be kept in garages or other areas where rodents have easy access. If necessary, wrap food items in rodent-proof materials before putting them away.
  • Sweep away or remove unfinished seeds after you’ve fed your birds and they’ve had their fill.
  • Clean up any spills or standing water: Any leaking pipes, such as water taps and sprinklers, should be repaired to prevent the rats from accessing water. Maintain water containers with a tight seal.

How to Get Rid of Rodents


If your home is already infested, serious measures may be necessary to eliminate the rats. The risk involved with people in the house makes using mouse or rat traps the safest alternative. You don’t want to keep any foods that are poisonous lying about the house because there are kids and animals. Furthermore, when a rodent dies, it frequently occurs far from locations where the poisons are applied, most likely between walls and the ceiling. Accessing these locations becomes challenging, and the rotting smell makes the home uninhabitable.


There are many different types of rodent traps, so you should speak with an expert to find out which one is best for you. Rats and mice are captured in rodent traps until they can be removed, and snap traps prevent these pests from getting near children or pets.

How to Destroy their Nesting Sites 

Don’t provide a home for rodents. Destroy any potential hiding places, both inside and outside the house. It’s also a good idea to fill any gaps and seal any entry points where they could enter the house. Take these actions. 

  1. The initial step entails removing or thinning all vegetation surrounding the house, including any flowers or decorative plants.
  2. Trim trees that hang over the roof.
  3. Do not stack wood or timber near the home where rodents can access it. 
  4. Place firewood and poles on elevated platforms about 20 inches off the ground. Stack placement should also be away from walls.
  5. Remove trash from your home, including any empty cans that could serve as rodent nests.
  6. Rodents can enter your home through any 1/4-inch or smaller gaps, so close them up. (Watch the Video Below)

It’s not fun to deal with any rodent infestation in your home. The fastest and most effective method to return to normal is by working with BUGCO® Pest Control. Our team has years of experience in dealing with rodents and other pests. We will work with you to eliminate the problem and prevent future infestations. Call us now!



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    Rodents can enter your home through any 1/4-inch or smaller gaps, so close them up.