In2Care Mosquito Traps


BUGCO® Pest Control’s In2Care mosquito traps are a green and innovative way to control mosquitos this season when they are most active! It reduces and controls the mosquito population that transmits Zika and other diseases or parasites such as heartworms.

The European Union gave a grant to In2Care of over 10 million dollars for research. The research to help control Malaria carrying mosquitoes in Africa was very successful. Disney and NASA also both use it. The flower pot-styled plastic container is filled with water and covered with a discreetly hidden lid where mosquitoes are likely to frequent, like bushes and other shady areas. The mosquitos lay their eggs in the bucket, and when they do, they get covered with the two bioactives. One bioactive is a larvicide that keeps the mosquitos from breeding. The other is a fungus that kills the adult mosquito after a few days. Then, the mosquito will then go around the yard and transfer the larvicide to other breeding sites. The more places the mosquito goes to lay its eggs, the more sites are controlled. Best of all, In2Care Mosquito traps are safe for children and pets and beneficial insects such as butterflies and bees! Check out this video.

Prevent disease carrying
mosquitoes now!

Mosquito season in Texas is considered the time when they become most active, typically starting in March and going through October to November, depending on the weather. While mosquito bites are the result of the female mosquito needing the protein in our blood to produce eggs, male and female mosquitoes diets consist of nectar, or the honeydew of plants to get sugar, which means they are plant pollinators and that provides enough nourishment for both males and females to live. This is one more reason BUGCO’s mosquito traps are placed in shady areas as they are not only finding shelter in the bushes but are attracted to flowering plants.

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