Insects and Storage Units

Storage Unit Pest ControlIf you have a storage unit, it could be a hotbed for bug infestation. Insects like the dark, the cold (or the heat, depending on the season), and the dankness of materials like cardboard are drawn to spaces like storage units. Plenty of storage renters have been horrified to find infestations of roaches, silverfish, and earwigs upon a routine visit to the space. If you don’t want to be one of those horrified people, take our Houston pest control recommendations for preventing insects in your storage unit.

Preventing insects in your storage unit

  • First, you can choose your packing material wisely. A good rule of thumb is to pack “like with like” – meaning, keep your clothing together, your electronics together, your kitchenware together, and so on. That continuity discourages cockroaches from being attracted to those areas.
  • Next, limit cardboard as much as possible. Cardboard is like a welcome mat for roaches, silverfish, and earwigs; if you want to keep them away, don’t roll out that mat. Plastic tubs and bins are a great alternative, and they are more affordable than ever. They’re also easily stackable, making for a neater storage unit and a good insect deterrent. Palettes are also good tools for storage, and they can be a good way to keep furniture off the floor.
  • You can take your own pest control measures in a storage unit, such as a boric acid mixture. Find a dry boric acid powder and sprinkle it in the bottom of any boxes before storing them. You can also dust some on your furniture (it won’t stain). A similarly effective solution is 5% Sevin dust, which you can use the same way.

You can’t see what goes on in your storage unit all the time, but you can take measures to prevent insects from invading it. If you have a current infestation of insects in storage space, you may need to take more significant steps to remove it; if that is the case, contact our Houston pest control professionals to inquire about our services.

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