Just Say No! Avoiding
Door to Door Pest Control Scams

Who is at Your Door?

Every year pest control companies across the United States hire marketing companies who hire youth to conduct aggressive Door to Door Sales campaigns across America. They fly them to your city and put them up in an apartment for 6 months or so and next year they will be in another city like Miami, then, Phoenix, and so on.

These seasonal workers go Door to Door in neighborhoods like yours where they will overpromise on services that the actual technician may not be able to perform and also claim there is no contract. They may say that your first service will only be $50.00, maybe $65.00 to get you to agree. Then come then hidden charges and forget trying to get out of the contract!

They may even get licensed in pest control but have no experience which means they are trying to sell services they don’t understand. For all you know they were working in the fast-food industry the week prior. 

These marketing firms may also provide very official-looking shirts with the pest control companies logo and they may even have a more official-looking badge. Don’t buy it. Figuratively and Literally!

Shut the Door on Door to Door!

Reputable pest control companies shouldn’t need to go door-to-door in this way to advertise their services but some do to more aggressively market their business. If this happens to you, don’t fall for it! Firmly say “no” to the salesperson, do your research and if they are reputable then when you call in to get your quote there will be no high-pressure sales tactics!

Check Their Reviews

8/20/2020   An Actual Yelp! Review   Houston, Texas
“I called explaining to Courtney and Lefty (acct managers) that I as the homeowner did not sign off on this and the services are yielding no results. I was told by Courtney “well I usually read what I sign” and both said “we weren’t present for what was said by the rep”. How can you hire sales reps that aren’t disclosing what’s going clearly and who don’t ask for the homeowner? And charging your clients $224 to cancel when the service is crap. I still have bugs in and outside my house. Go to Bugco or any other pest control that doesn’t trick you into a contract and then gouge you during a pandemic.”

Know your cancellation rights.

The FTC or Federal Trade Commission gives you 72-hours to cancel a Door to Door Pest Control sale for a FULL refund! It is known as the Cooling Off Period. 

• Door to Door salespeople typically arent licensed Technicians but when they are they get licensed through the company they are door knocking with no real training. They will say and do anything to get your signature on a contract using False Promises & Misleading Tactics to get their sales quota.

• There are the dreaded Penalties for trying to get out of Your Contract & of course there are Hidden or “Surprise” Fees.

• Don’t Get Locked into The Endless Contract! They will renew and charge you without your permission even after you cancel!

• Don’t make a purchase until you compare BUGCO®’s Prices & Reviews.

• Never sign a contract, ever, without getting all prices & warranties in writing.

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