How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Austin?

Depending on the service provided, the price can vary. Let’s dive into some of the services BUGCO® Pest Control provides in the Austin, TX, area. 

  • General Pest Control is based on the size or square footage of the home or business and whether or not it is done as a one-time, as-needed service or as a recurring exterior-only service (with the option to get the interior done, ask for details) at a discounted rate. 
  • Termite Control is based on a few factors like whether or not there are conducive conditions, an active or previous infestation, a proactive termite treatment, the species of termite, the linear footage to be treated, the type of foundation you have, and the scope of work involved. Termite control encompasses a wide spectrum of services from Borate Treatments, soil treatments, bait stations, and other approaches so that an inspection will be required for the most accurate quote. Watch this video for more info on how much termite control cost!
  • BUGCO® Pest Control’s Termite Pledge can help avoid thousands of dollars worth of Termite Damage and Soil Treatments for as low as .38¢ per day! See if you qualify. 
  • Humane Wildlife Relocation for squirrels, Opossums, and Racoons. 
  • Rodent Control for different species of Rats and Mice. 
  • Roach Control for those pesky German Roaches or the big “Water Bugs”, “Tree Roaches,” or American Roaches. 
  • Flea Control is based on whether we treat both the interior and exterior of your home or business or just one. Larger structures will be a little bit more involved so 
  • Spider and Scorpion Control can typically be achieved through General Pest Control and Yard Treatments.
  • Mosquito Control includes Truck Mounted Mosquito Fogging, Mosquito Traps, Mosquito Misting Systems, and Backpack Fogging. Check out this Video!
  • Bed Bug inspection and eradication.
  • Exclusion or inspecting a sealing up your home or business to keep pests out. 
  • WDIRs or Wood Destroying Insect Reports, and the NPMA 33 for VA Loans or other Real Estate Transactions. Realtors, Contractors, Inspectors, or Builders can access them through their Real Estate Portal, and customers can always access their Convenient Online Portal!
  • Yard Treatments allow you to extend the perimeter of protection


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    Does Pest Control Work?

    Of Course. The ABCs and 123s of Pest Control can create a bit of an equation that comes down to a few base factors and a lot of variables.  The general approach 

    • Inspection of the interior and exterior of the Structure
    • Diagnosis of pest/s type, level of infestation, and conducive conditions  
    • Recommendations for correction of conducive conditions
    • Treatment of the pest issue

    Is Pest Control Worth The Money?

    YES! Pests, including rodents, wasps, ants, roaches, and so many other pests, are a danger to the Health and Human Safety of everyone. Of course, it is worth it when you can be safe from parasites and bacteria carried by roaches and mosquitoes to asthma-triggering roaches or the more painful and sometimes allergic sting of wasps or ants! 

    How Often Do I Need Pest Control?

    Quarterly pest control and bi-annual yard treatments are recommended. 

    Do I have to Sign a Contract?

    Never! BUGCO® Pest Control never has and never will require contracts!

    Can I get a Discount?

    Yes, you can! See if you qualify

    • BUGCO® Referral Discounts
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    • Educator
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    DIY Pest Control No – Nos

    Some other things to consider when trying to get rid of pests around the house is being cautious when trying to get rid of pests yourself.  Here are some common mistakes. 

    • Misdiagnosis – Are you using a repellant on an ant colony where the species has a defense mechanism that breaks the colony into multiple colonies?
    • Misapplication – The Label is the Law. Did you apply it in the correct spot? At the right ratio? Using the correct tools?
    • Overapplication – Did you utilize the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to achieve reduced chemical impact?
    • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) – Whether it is a “Green”, botanical, or synthetic insecticide, rodenticide, termiticide, or other pesticides, these are by nature meant to kill and control pests. Protect yourself with PPE if you are trying to apply chemicals. However, it is best left to a professional. 

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