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In our years of providing specialized rodent control services, we have seen some rodent infestations get out of control when the situation could have been avoided by being proactive. Let’s talk about some of these proactive steps you can take now. 

Rodent Prevention

While it is not difficult to seal rats and mice out of a home, ongoing monitoring and trapping are required in almost every rodent situation. Here are a few things you can do to reduce rodent activity:

  • Cut back heavy foliage such as trees and bushes. For bushes cut them back at least 6 inches and trees at least 6 feet away from the structure. While this will not prevent rats and mice from trying to get in it will reduce and help control the numbers trying to get in. 
  • Minimize things that attract rats and mice like easily accessible trash cans, dog droppings, and generally speaking junk or clutter that they can use for shelter. This can  include an excessive amount of toys in the yard, yard equipment that sits for long periods of time, 
  • Keep your grass cut. All rodents like weeds, tall grass, and places in your yard that they can hide from predators.
  • If you trim a tree, clear away the debris as soon as possible. A pile of limbs is an open invitation for rodents. 

Professional Rodent Control

Rodents are Thigmotactic, this is a predator avoidance behavior characterized by the preference of a rodent to seek shelter, rather than expose itself. They avoid open areas and prefer to remain close to the walls. By keeping your yard clean and clutter-free you can reduce their desire to hide in your yard. 

For complete control of rodents in Texas homes or around Texas properties, it is best to hire a trained specialist. At BUGCO® we bring the education and tools needed to thoroughly inspect for rodents, monitor for activity, and safely control rodent activity.

Through this effective rodent control process, you can know for sure that your rodent problem is solved. Keeping rats and mice at bay will also help keep other pests away like fleas and flies. Rodents also carry a variety of bacteria and viruses so rodent control is promoting the health and safety of your family and customers. 

If you need assistance with rodents in Texas, call us today! BUGCO® Pest Control helps homes and businesses across Texas stay pest-free because at BUGCO®, We Make The Bugs Go®!

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