Flea Treatment

Houston's Biggest Little Pest

If you’re looking for a flea exterminator, look no further, BUGCO® Pest Controls Houston Flea Treatment can help you eliminate your flea problems immediately. 

Metro Houston is flea country: our warm temperatures throughout the year allow fleas to be active most of the time. And fleas can prove to be more than just a pet problem. Although pets are often the source of flea infestations, they aren’t always the cause.

Treating Fleas

There are various products for self-treating your dog or cat if they have a flea problem. Although Flea Combs, Flea Medications, and Flea-Dips are all products used for treating these pests, we recommend starting with a professional flea exterminator like BUGCO®. While you should certainly use proper methods to control fleas on your pets, that may not be enough.

Fleas can become established in your home or yard, grass, drapes, carpet, or bedding. Fortunately, BUGCO® Pest Control experts provide indoor and outdoor flea treatments to protect your family and pets.

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    Flea in Hair
    FLea Treatment

    A Pest to Pets and People Too

    Because of their tiny size and egg-laying habits, fleas can be hard to observe firsthand and even harder to eradicate. However, it is essential to do so as they feed on the blood of mammals such as dogs, cats, and humans. They even smell you out by the carbon dioxide on your breath. Flea bites are itchy and can potentially spread disease or even other parasites.

    Generally, they will be found where they can easily access their food sources – furniture, blankets, pet bedding, or outdoor spots where your pets spend time. And, of course, they will live in fur or clothing if they can. They’ll usually avoid places with a lot of foot traffic or sun exposure.

    Our Approach to Houston Flea Treatments

    We start by offering both exterior and interior treatments for flea control. When we treat the interior of your home to kill fleas, we ask that you, your family, and your pets vacate the home for three to four hours after our visit. You should also clear your floors of any clothes and toys before the treatment. When we treat the exterior and yard of your home, you must keep your pets off the grass whenever it is wet for a few days after treatment.

    We can combine a yard treatment for pests like ants and mosquitoes with our yard treatment for fleas and other general pest control treatments. Additionally, we offer a multi-service discount if you have us perform both interior and exterior services.

    Lastly, we ask that you speak to your veterinarian to see if a flea control program with medications is appropriate for you. While BUGCO flea exterminators in Houston can treat your home and property, we can not treat your pets.

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    Bite Them Back

    If you’re concerned about potential flea infestation in your home, or if you have pets with fleas and want to ensure that the problem doesn’t spread elsewhere, don’t hesitate to get in touch! BUGCO® Pest Control is Houston’s trusted source for flea inspection, extermination, and general pest control service.

    We serve customers all over Metro Houston from our office in Richmond, Texas. Our owner and many technicians are veterans, and we offer discounts to military veterans, first responders, and other groups. Call us at 281-240-2157 for a free inspection and quote!

    Watch this video on how to get rid of fleas.
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