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An Infamous Pest

Not many things are more unpleasant or frustrating than a roach infestation which is why you need a Houston roach control company. They contaminate food supplies, pop unexpectedly out of nooks and crannies, and can transmit various bacterial infections to humans. Get enough of them in one place, and you can even start to smell them. They are, in a word, gross.

Dealing with them can be exceptionally difficult. Roaches reproduce quickly, are very good at hiding, and come in different varieties that require different strategies. Fortunately, BUGCO® Pest Control has years of experience tracking down, identifying, and exterminating cockroaches in all kinds of Houston homes and businesses.

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    Cockroach Infestation in Home
    Cockroach Touching Your Food

    Telling Roaches Apart

    Although there are many distinct species, roaches can generally be identified by their narrow, flat bodies, long antennae, and rapid movement. Different species can vary widely in size and habitat; they will seek out water and dark hidden spaces with easy access to food.

    There are four varieties of cockroaches usually found in the Houston area. Oriental roaches are dark brown, about one or two inches in length, and have a particular affinity for mulch beds. American roaches are of similar size but can fly and favor homes surrounded by heavy foliage.

    Asian roaches look and behave similarly to American ones but are much smaller – one or two centimeters long. Finally, German roaches are small and flightless and prefer cracks and crevices near water sources such as fridges, sinks, and dishwashers.

    Oriental Cockroach Control

    So let’s start with the Oriental roach. Oriental roaches are a dark brown, the almost black color of roach with a long antenna. They’re about one or two inches in length. They love moist areas, and they’re most commonly introduced to the home with fresh mulch or in mulch beds. Regular exterior pest control will get them under control. To note, Oriental roaches usually stay in and around the proximity of the mulch bed.

    Roach on wall
    Roach in Home

    Asian, Oriental, and American Roach Control

    Our regular pest control service on a quarterly schedule can easily deal with Oriental, Asian or American roaches. German roaches are more problematic. That’s why the first step in our roach control service is an inspection to determine exactly what species you’re dealing with.

    Oriental, Asian and American roaches set up outdoor habitats and then find their way indoors. Because of this, they can be easily dealt with through our exterior pest control service, also known as the Perimeter of Protection. Good landscaping practices can also help to keep these roach species out of your garden beds and foliage.

    German Roach Control

    German roaches are probably the most infamous, as they especially love to invade kitchens, reproduce rapidly, and can spread illness. Tidiness and sanitation can help prevent them, but once an infestation is actually underway, it will take some time-consuming treatments to get them out.

    The Top Name in Houston Roach Control

    Whether you’re dealing with a relatively mild roach problem or a severe infestation of German roaches, you can trust BUGCO® Pest Control to get to the bottom of exactly what’s going on. We offer expert inspection and the safest, most effective treatment to be found anywhere in Houston!

    If you’ve found roaches in or around your home, or even if you just have a concern that certain areas may be prone to infestation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. As with any other pest problem, the earlier we catch those roaches, the better.

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