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Future Pest Control

If you kill the pests and trap the wildlife that are causing problems, but still leave pest entry routes open, then you’ll always be fighting off newly arrived pests like roaches and mice. And different types of pests will have different points of entry into your space.

For example, termites will dig into the woodwork from the ground up; fleas may hitch a ride on your pets; mosquitoes will lay their eggs in still water, and so on. Regardless of what sort of pests you’re dealing with, we can help you ensure that you won’t have to deal with them again!


There’s a big difference between pest extermination and pest exclusion. If you find roaches or rats in your home, of course, you want them gone. But you also want to know that they won’t come back. That’s where exclusion comes in. 

Let us make your pest control easier and less expensive by plugging up the entry routes that would otherwise allow pests into your home. It’s much easier and cheaper to prevent a squirrel or opossum from entering your attic than it is to pay us to remove your wildlife.

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    Holding Puppy Hands

    Finding Points of Entry

    At BUGCO® Pest Control, we’re in the business of protecting Houston’s homes and businesses from future pests, not just getting rid of the current ones. Our pest exclusion service starts with an inspection of your home to identify pest entry points, which we then block. We’ve done pest exclusion inspections on thousands of homes around Houston, so we know where to look to find pest entry routes.

    Typically, we’ll look for cracks in your foundation, gaps in your siding, openings around vents, or at the point where your utilities enter your home. We’ll check your door and window screens, check your chimney (if you have one) and check the eaves of your home for intact screens.


    Once your BUGCO® technician has determined the various entry routes that may be open, they’ll make recommendations on how best to close those entry points. Much of the time, we can then implement a plan ourselves. Our price for exclusion services depends on materials needed and the amount of labor involved.

    Depending on the nature of the inspections’ findings, however, you may need expert carpentry or masonry work to complete the project. In that case, we will recommend a Houston contractor that can perform the job.

    Stay Prepared With BUGCO® Pest Control

    Did squirrels invade your attic last fall? Do you annually get ants in your kitchen? These problems and more can be solved with BUGCO® Pest Control’s pest and wildlife exclusion services. So, don’t wait for a pest or wildlife invasion before giving us a ring!

    There is no more professional or more customer-focused pest control company in Houston than BUGCO® Pest Control. We offer discounts for military veterans and first responders. Check out our Yelp profile to read reviews from some of our happy customers.
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