Truck Mounted Mosquito Fogging

Everyone knows the distinct sound of the mosquito truck that rolls through the neighborhood in the middle of the night. If you look around the internet you will find memes of kids riding behind mosquito trucks in the 1970s & 1980s. While that was the norm back then we know better now! With all of the positive advancements in pest control, BUGCO ® Pest Control’s FIGHT THE BITE! Program allows The Midnight Riders, A Division of BUGCO® Pest Control to safely reduce and control the mosquito population near you.

The pest control industry has become more conscious of Environmental Safety as well as Health and Human Safety. This means being conscientious of doing things The Wrong Way. Here is an example. We had a homeowner from a local subdivision call us concerned about their regular mosquito fogging. The problem? The company was fogging in the pouring rain!

Our office is located 4 minutes away from the community and they thought it was BUGCO® Pest Control because of proximity. While we do mosquito fog for communities we stated that it wasn’t us and asked for the community management company’s name so we could make them aware that there are a few issues with this and that it was not BUGCO®!

First of all, it is illegal. There is a saying here at BUGCO®, “The Label is The Law”. And the label clearly states “Do not apply in the rain.”. Doing this can have negative environmental consequences like fish kills in local bodies of water if misapplied.

Secondly, it is immoral to charge communities for services that they knowingly should not have provided but did so anyway for the sake of money. Due to the rain, the treatment would be completely ineffective. And if they did it to one community, they are doing it to others.

Finally, here are some tips to make sure you are using the right company.

  • Be Weather Aware. Has it been raining consistently at night? Simple weather radar checks can assist in this. 
  • Periodically ask for Fleet GPS records to verify that the company you hired has completed the entire property and not just some of it but charged you the full amount. 
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