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BUGCO® Pest Control’s termite treatment is unmatched for innovation when dealing with subterranean termites and other types of wood destroying insects such as carpenter bees, carpenter ants, wood boring beetles and other species of termites including Formosan and Drywood termites. Termites are common in Texas! We offer spot, partial and complete treatments for getting rid of termites at a price our competition cannot beat! We back up our treatments with up to a lifetime warranty depending upon your needs, even with spot treatments. Check out our Yelp reviews, our other feedback and reviews, and then call 281-240-2157 today!
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    How BUGCO® Does Termite Control

    For most subterranean termite cases, we will install a chemical barrier in the ground between the soil and the foundation. This has delivered 90-100% control even after 10 years in the soil. Why is BUGCO® the #1 choice of homeowners and real estate professionals in Houston and surrounding areas? Simple, we understand what is needed during the home sale and we provide low cost, highly effective termite treatments and warranties that protect both buyers and sellers.

    Things to Consider for Termites

    • Is the home on a solid concrete foundation (slab on grade) or is it raised and elevated above ground on a pier and beam foundation (has a crawl space under the house)? Pier and beams homes will require more time, extra care and generally more termiticide than a slab on grade home. The cost for treatment is generally more expensive.
    • Is the inspection/proposal is for a real estate transaction? If so an official Texas Wood Destroying Insect Report will be required.
    • To determine the specific cost of any termite treatment, an on-site inspection of the property is necessary. A licensed BUGCO® Texas termite technician will draw a graph of the proposed treatment area and provide the customer with a proposal. To commence with the termite treatment, the proposal must be signed by the customer authorizing BUGCO® Pest Control to Proceed with the treatment.
    Typical treatment for subterranean termites consists of trenching around the house where there is soil and drilling concrete flatwork and adjoining concrete slabs that are not connected to the foundation. Rodding is deployed in areas of excessive roots and plantings where it’s difficult to dig a trench. Your BUGCO® termite treatment technician may propose to use foam in the walls if we cannot drill certain areas such as a monolithic pour of a concrete slab to the foundation. Your technician is always ready to talk with you about the specifics of your termite treatment strategy.
    Termite Infestation in Floor Board
    Termite Damaged Stairs

    Termite Warranty and Warranty Renewal Inspections

    BUGCO® Pest Control provides a 1-year warranty included with every termite treatment. Near the end of every year a customer may choose to renew the warranty at the nominal prevailing rate.

    The customer may renew their warranty every year for the life of the structure if they choose. When the customer is due for the renewal of the warranty, BUGCO® Pest Control will contact the customer and schedule a termite technician to do an inspection to determine if there is any termite activity or changes to the previous treatment.

    If activity is found, we will perform another treatment at no extra charge, so long as the warranty renewal fee has been maintained. This warranty may be transferred to new homeowners or occupants if the current resident decides to move. It is the customer’s responsibility to update contact information with BUGCO® Pest Control to maintain the warranty transfer.

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    BUGCO® uses the most advanced and effective treatment for termite infestation available — the termiticide Termidor (Termidor Brochure).

    We can also use the Trelona® ATBS® Advance® Termite Bait System to kill any termite colonies moving close to your home. Termite baiting stations are installed around your home, often in landscape beds adjacent to your home. The bait stations are placed approximately 10 to 20 feet apart. Once in place, the Trelona® Bait System works through the year to protect your home. BUGCO® returns to your home once a year to inspect the stations and provide service. (Please check the Trelona Termite Bait System brochure for more information — New Homeowner 2018).

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