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Are you seeing mouse or rat droppings. which indicate that you need rodent control help? Rodents are a huge problem in the Houston area. Call Houston’s best pest control company at 281-240-2157.

BUGCO Pest Control is experienced at trapping, exterminating and excluding these rats and mice from every kind of structure in Houston, and surrounding communities. There are many ways to go about addressing this type of infestation, but a multi-pronged approach is best.

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How BUGCO Deals With Rodents

BUGCO Pest Control will start with an inspection to determine where there is rodent activity. We’ll locate where the rats or mice are hiding and feeding, determine the scope of the rodent control problem and talk with you about the best course of action. Usually, your BUGCO technician will recommend several rodent control strategies to solve your mouse or rat problem. That usually includes using baits to kill rodents, setting traps to kill more rodents, and exclusion work to prevent new rodents from moving into your home or business. Our exclusion work will find the rodent entry points and then patch them to keep the mice and rats out. Rodent bait stations will require ongoing maintenance to be effective and keeping them filled with bait can be rolled into our general pest control service with multiple service discounts that apply.

Call BUGCO for Professional, Effective Rodent Control

BUGCO Pest Control’s professional technicians provide rodent control services all over the Metro Houston area. Please check the feedback and reviews on this website and our reviews on Yelp. Many of our technicians are military veterans, and our owner is a Marine Corps veteran. We offer discounts to military veterans, first responders and other groups. Call BUGCO at 281-240-2157 or send us an email using the contact form.

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