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Do you think you might need bed bug treatment for your home, hotel, B&B, or other property? Call the experts at BUGCO® Pest Control® for fast, professional bed bug treatment service. We make the bugs go, and we can make your bed bugs go too! Call us at 281-240-2157 today!

Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers, catching a ride on anything from clothing to luggage to furniture. Bed bugs feed on host animals’ blood, including humans. Even five-star hotels can have bed bug infestations and although sanitary conditions come into play with any pest infestation, having bed bugs is not a reflection of cleanliness.

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    How BUGCO® Does Bug Removal

    Anyone can get bed bugs. BUGCO® Pest Control has years of experience providing bed bug treatment in the Houston area, and we conduct many treatments throughout the year for personal residences, apartment complexes, hotels/motels, hospitals and anywhere else bed bugs present themselves. Your treatment will be developed specifically for your property, and we’ll do your treatment according to a well-thought-out plan of action.

    BUGCO® Pest Control will start by doing an inspection of the property. You’ll receive a proposal for the bed bug treatment after we’ve done the inspection. If you decide to go ahead with the treatment, your inspection fee will be applied to the bed bug treatment price.

    You’ll need to prepare your home or property for the treatment, so we can’t normally treat your property on the same day as the inspection. You probably wouldn’t have time to do the preparation. We’ll give you a bed bug treatment preparation sheet so you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

    After you’ve authorized us to do the treatment, we’ll schedule your appointment. For a home, you and your pets will need to leave the home for three to four hours. For commercial property, we’ll work with you to ensure that we provide you with effective treatment while minimizing the disruption of your business. We’ll discuss the treatment process with you to ensure you understand what we’ll be doing and how we’ll be doing it.

    A two-week follow-up appointment is scheduled at the same time as the initial treatment and the customer will have a 30-day warranty starting the day of the follow-up visit.

    Professional Bed Bug Exterminator

    Bed bugs will hide in corners so we have to be especially meticulous when we treat your home to remove them. It takes time to do the job right. We’ll do the work as quickly as we can, but we have take the necessary time to kill all of the insects. We appreciate your understanding of the time needed to do the job right.
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    Call BUGCO® Pest Control for the Best Treatment

    We take pride in the professionalism of our bed bug exterminators and we’re all focused on providing your with the best pest control service possible at a very competitive price. We offer discounts for military veterans, first responders, seniors and other groups. Please check the feedback and reviews we have on this website and our reviews on Yelp. If you’ve discovered bed bugs or you suspect bed bugs, please call us for an inspection. Call 281-240-2157 or use the contact form to send us an email.

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