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Our Termite Pledge to You

With a thorough inspection and the correction of conducive conditions, BUGCO® Pest Control’s Termite Pledge can help you avoid expensive termite treatments, repairs, and associated costs in the future. Watch this video to learn more!
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    Hello, this is Darrell with BUGCO® Pest Control, and today we’re going be talking about BUGCO’s Termite Pledge. BUGCO® Pest Control’s Termite Pledge is a service we provide to our customers to save them from costly termite treatments and repairs from termite damage. To qualify for our quarterly Termite Pledge, you would need to sign up for BUGCO’s Residential Pest Control and Convenience Agreement, and correct any conducive conditions on your property. But what are conducive conditions? These are conditions that might increase your chances of getting termites. If we find these conducive conditions, we’ll inform you about what needs to be corrected to qualify for our Termite Pledge.

    High Soil Increases Your Chances of Getting Termites

    Some conditions include high soil, such as soil or mulch covering the weep holes and your foundation line. You would need to either pay for a termite spot treatment in these areas, or lower the soil to where at least four to six inches of your foundation is exposed, so we can do a visual inspection.
    Termite Infestation in Floor Board
    Termite Damaged Stairs

    Excess Moisture Can Attract Termites

    Moisture or water sources that puddle against or along the side of your home, or under your home if you have a pier and beam foundation, would need to be corrected so that it could dry out. You would need to ensure better drainage around your home or repair any leaky pipes or spigots.

    Heavy Foliage Prevents a Thorough Inspection

    Heavy foliage, such as bushes, vines, or trees, make it impossible or extremely challenging for us to do a visual inspection. You would need to remove, relocate or trim back vegetation from the home so we can easily inspect. Debris stacked against or stored against the home, such as lumber, would need to be moved, or relocated away from the home. Wood rot around windows, eaves, or at the base of the siding usually requires replacement of rotten wood or the reapplication of proper paint to cover up this area. These conditions will lead you to getting termites sooner rather than later.

    Termites Are Common in Texas

    According to BASF, the creators of Termidor, there are more than 25 termite colonies living within every acre of land, and cause over $5 billion in damage in the United States alone each year. The typical suburban home ranges from one-fifteenth of an acre to a quarter-acre. This means everyone is susceptible to getting termites if do you do not have protection.

    The average residential termite treatment costs above $1,000 for a one-time treatment, and then additional warranty renewals ranging from $100 and up. That means that if you get your Termite Pledge through BUGCO® Pest Control, you could pay as low as 27 cents per day for your termite protection. If we were to find subterranean termites while performing our quarterly service, we would draw up a treatment graph and treat for termites at no additional cost to you. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your appointment, please feel free to give us a call.

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