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BUGCO® Protects Your Home with Expert Pest Exclusion Services

BUGCO® Pest Control’s professional pest exclusion services will prevent insects and wildlife from entering your home. Have squirrels invaded your attic? Do you have ants in your kitchen? These problems and more can be solved with BUGCO® Pest Control’s pest and wildlife exclusion services.
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    Pest Exclusion Starts with an Inspection

    Pest exclusion starts with an inspection of your home to identify pest and wildlife entry points and then we block these entry points. An experienced BUGCO® Pest Control technician will inspect for any openings or cracks that may be allowing insects, rodents or wildlife inside.

    We’ve done pest exclusion inspections on thousands of homes around Houston, so we know where to look to find pest entry routes. Typically, we’ll look for cracks in your foundation, gaps in your siding, openings around vents or at the point where your utilities enter your home. We’ll check your door and window screens, check your chimney (if you have one) and check the eves of your home for intact screens.

    BUGCO® Pest Control technicians are only focused on identifying and plugging pest entry points. If you need expert carpentry or masonry work to complete the job, we will recommend hiring a contractor to perform such work. Our price for exclusion services depends on materials needed and the amount of labor involved.

    If you kill the pests and trap the wildlife inside your home, but you leave pest entry routes open, then you’ll always be infested with newly arrived pests like roaches and mice. Let us make your pest control easier and less expensive by plugging the entry routes to keep pests out. It’s also much easier and much cheaper to prevent a squirrel or opossum from entering your attic, than it is to pay us to remove your wildlife.

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    Don’t wait for a pest or wildlife invasion before you call for pest exclusion services. There is no more professional or more customer-focused pest control company in Houston than BUGCO® Pest Control. So call us at 281-240-2157 today!

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