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Termites are common in Houston and can be a major problem! Fortunately, BUGCO’s termite treatment is unmatched for innovation when dealing with subterranean termites. It is also effective against other types of wood-destroying insects such as carpenter bees, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and other species of termites, including Formosan and Drywood termites.

We offer spot, partial and complete treatments that rid your home of termites at a price our competition cannot beat! And we also back up our treatments with up to a lifetime warranty. Depending on your needs, we also offer spot treatments.

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    A Common And Destructive Pest

    Termites are a major pest throughout the US, damaging approximately 600,000 American homes every year. They both eat and shelter in wood, usually burrowing into the timber of buildings from the ground up. Their presence ruins the wood from the inside. As a result, they cause expensive structural damage that can range from unsightly to downright dangerous.

    This can all add up to billions of dollars’ worth of damage to wood structures in the US every year, and it’s a particular problem in Houston, as they find our relatively warm and wet climate especially favorable. So, if you have or even suspect a termite problem, don’t mess around!

    Our Approach

    For most subterranean termite cases, we will install a chemical barrier in the ground between the soil and the foundation. This has delivered 90-100% control even after 10 years in the soil. We use Termidor, the most advanced and effective treatment for termite infestation available.

    We can also use a sophisticated bait system to kill any termite colonies moving close to your home.

    In addition, we provide a 1-year warranty with every termite treatment, which can be renewed every year. When the customer is due for the renewal of their warranty, BUGCO Pest Control will contact the customer and schedule an inspection. If new termite activity is found, we will perform another treatment at no extra charge.


      • Is the home on a solid concrete foundation, or is it raised above ground on a pier and beam foundation (i.e., is there a crawl space under the house)?
      • Is the inspection/proposal for a real estate transaction?
      • We always inspect first. Treatment doesn’t begin without your approval!
    Termite Infestation in Floor Board
    Termite Damaged Stairs

    The Go-To for Houston Termite Control

    At BUGCO, we make termite treatment a high priority and pride ourselves on our professionalism, effective treatment methods, and excellent customer service. Because of the damage that termites can cause, you don’t want to waste a moment in getting rid of them if you suspect they may be on your property.

    We also specialize in inspections and treatments for realtors and new home buyers. We know what to do to make buying and selling as stress-free as possible. Whether you’re a homeowner, realtor, or newcomer to Houston, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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