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Home is where you and your family should be at your most comfortable. Most people are not comfortable sharing their home with bugs, rats, and other pests. Those tell-tale sounds of pests scurrying around are a sign that you need help from the experts. You need to get those pests out and keep them out.

We don’t expect you to be an expert on the kinds of pests that are native to Dallas. Bugco won’t ask you those kinds of questions – we’ll just send out an expert who can take care of it for you.

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Bugco Pest Control takes your personal information very seriously and will never share it.

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Professional Protection When You Need It

While it’s bad enough to see a roach in a dark corner of your basement, it’s even worse to know that they might have been in your kitchen or under your bed. Pests can be dirty or even dangerous. Plus, most are small and good at hiding. When you see one in your home, assume there are more. These pests can get into your food, leave feces around your home, and frighten your children. They don’t belong in your house, and we can get them out.


We don’t just get pests out of your house; we keep them out. At Bugco, we help Dallas homeowners be confident that their home will stay pest-free. When you sign up for a Residential Protection Plan and Convenience Agreement, we’ll show up four times a year to eliminate pests outside of your home, so you don’t need to worry about chemical treatments inside.

We’ll look for places where rodents and other pests might enter your home and seal them off. We’ll look for nests and treat any areas that need it. You’ll stay protected year-round.

If you just want a one-time pest control treatment in Dallas, we can do that too. With the same attention to detail as our Protection Plan, we’ll clear your home of pests. Then, you’ll be covered by our 14-day warranty, because we’re confident in the work we do.


We know that even one pest in your house is too many. We know all about the different pests native to Dallas and how to get rid of them – so call us today. We provide the best service in the Dallas area and offer discounts to veterans. Call 972.546.5644 to schedule a service and enjoy your home pest-free!

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