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A home, a white picket fence; green grass in the yard; children playing together in the neighborhood is the American dream for millions of people. Dallas families achieve that dream every day, buying their first (or second, or sixth!) home and building their life right here in Texas. The dream is a comfortable place to host friends, feel safe, and possibly raise children.

Choosing a home is like choosing a future, and it is the opportunity to build the kind of life you want to live.

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    Termite Hive
    Termite Damage Inside Wood

    Why Look For Termites

    Once you’ve picked out your dream home, you want to make sure that it’s not going to turn into a nightmare. That’s why inspections are so essential. Home inspections make sure that the house you are buying is in good shape – the electrical is wired correctly, the roof isn’t about to cave in – and helps you feel confident in becoming a homeowner.

    Termite and wood-destroying insect (WDI) inspections are an important part of that process in Dallas. These insects can infest your home, eating away at the wood that keeps it standing. If you don’t notice them early, they cause huge problems. In the warm Dallas climate, termites and other wood-destroying insects are common. That’s why an inspection is so important.

    BUGCO's Inspection Approach

    Having a Bugco inspector take a look at a potential real estate purchase is an important step to making sure that your new home in Dallas will be everything you want it to be. But just because we find termites doesn’t mean you can’t buy the house.

    Our expert technicians will make sure that you’re informed on exactly what a termite infestation means for your purchase. That way, you have the knowledge you need to make the right decision for yourself and your family. That might mean buying the house (possibly for a lower price) and having it treated before you even move in. If the infestation is too far gone, you can walk away with confidence – and make sure to give us a call again when you find another potential home!

    Trusted For Termite Inspections in Dallas

    If you are looking for real estate in Dallas, you need a good real estate agent and a good termite inspector. Our highly trained technicians are exactly who you want to work with. We know the difference between Formosan, subterranean, and drywood termites – and how to handle them. When you work with us, you know that we’ll find any colonies that need to be found. So, if you’ve found the home of your dreams, don’t sign on the dotted line quite yet. First, give us a call at 972.546.5644.

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