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A Kitchen's Worst Enemy

Roaches are just gross, for lack of a better word, and an infestation of them is one of the more unpleasant challenges a home or business owner can face. In addition to being unsightly and contaminating food supplies, they can transmit various bacterial infections to humans.

Because they reproduce quickly and are experts at hiding away in nooks and crannies, tracking them down and eliminating them can be a real challenge. They also come in different varieties that require different tactics. The good news is, BUGCO has years of experience in locating, identifying, and exterminating cockroaches in San Antonio homes and businesses.

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    Cockroach Infestation in Home
    Cockroach Touching Your Food

    Telling CockRoaches Apart

    There are few worse feelings than seeing cockroaches scurry across your floor. Even worse, where there is one roach, there are certainly more to come. When they dig their way into your home, they will create a nest and stay in your home as long as they can.

    The Oriental roach is only an inch or two in length and usually lives in or near a mulch bed. They’re dark brown, almost black, and are easy to get under control with regular pest control.

    Asian, Oriental, And American Roach Control

    The most common roach in Dallas is the American roach. They are brown, about an inch or two long, and fly a lot – more than 100 feet from their nest. They usually live near heavy foliage, so you can prevent them with good landscaping and regular pest control.

    There is also the Asian roach, which is much smaller – only one or two centimeters long. They also fly and live in heavy foliage but often swarm in packs of hundreds. They’re attracted to water and to the temperature difference between your home and the outdoors.

    Cockroach on Wall
    Cockroach in Home

    German roach Treatment

    The last kind of roach that you’ll see in Dallas is the German roach. They are the worst kind of roach, the most difficult to get rid of. They will nest near a water source such as your sink or dishwasher, and they reproduce very quickly. A single female can have 10,000 descendants in a single year. They can spread diseases and lead to respiratory infections in children.

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    Roach Control in Dallas

    Our treatment strategy depends on the kind of roach you have. Getting rid of roaches is only the first step – then you must find a solution that will keep them out. BUGCO can do it. Our technicians are experts in roach removal and control. We even offer discounts to military veterans, firefighters, and others.

    We know all the kinds of roaches that you might run into in Dallas, and we know what needs to be done to protect your home. Let us come out for a consultation, then we’ll give you a proposal, so you know exactly what to expect. Give us a call today at 972.546.5644.

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