Dallas Flea Treatment

Dallas' Biggest Little Pest

Fleas usually enter your home through your pets, but they don’t limit themselves. If Fido starts scratching a lot, it might be time to get a flea treatment. These tiny insects can quickly infest your house and yard. BUGCO has helped many Dallas residents get rid of fleas – let us help you.

Fleas are common in Dallas. The warm weather means they can stay active most of the year, and they don’t die off in frost like they do in other parts of the world. That means you need to be vigilant to keep them out of your house. Using anti-flea products on your pets is a great idea, but it’s not sufficient.

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Flea in Hair

A Pest to Pets and People Too

Fleas can live indoors or outdoors, which is why we offer our customers a great deal when they purchase both indoor and outdoor treatments. After all, it’s not much help to get the fleas out of your house if they jump right back in the next day. Having fleas inside your house can be very uncomfortable since they tend to bite. Flea bites can itch terribly, and they can even carry disease. That’s why you want to work with a professional that can ensure they are all removed from your house.


BUGCO will thoroughly treat the inside of your home, and you’ll need to stay out of the building for a few hours afterward due to the chemicals we use. Make sure to schedule your treatment on a day when you will be able to leave the house for four hours or so. You’ll also need to keep animals and children off the grass for a few days after treatment. However, you can easily combine this treatment with another pest treatment, such as for ants or mosquitoes.

Once fleas have established a colony in your home or yard, you need professional help to get them out and make sure that they stay away. BUGCO can help.

Bite Them Back

BUGCO doesn’t just treat for fleas – we promise that our services will last. Our 30-day warranty comes with every interior treatment. If the fleas aren’t gone, we’ll go back and fix it. We have helped many Dallas homes get rid of fleas, and we can help yours too. Give us a call today at 972.546.5644 and get a free inspection and quote.

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