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The Biggest Little Pest

The warm and humid climate for fleas. It allows them to be active throughout much of the year. They are best known for their effect on pets, causing uncontrollable itching and sometimes illness as well.

There are plenty of products for treating your dog or cat if they have a flea problem. However, sometimes the problem can spread from your pets to your home. In that case, a flea collar won’t be enough! If fleas have set up shop in your carpet, bedding, or lawn, call BUGCO. We can provide either indoor or outdoor flea treatment in San Antonio!

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    Flea Control for Pets & People

    Like several other common pests, fleas have the unpleasant habit of feeding on blood, especially that of mammals such as dogs, cats, and humans. Their bites are just as itchy and uncomfortable to us as they are to our pets and can potentially carry disease and parasites as well. But they can be hard to pin down and exterminate, both because of their small size and because of the eggs they leave behind.

    Predictably, they like to hang out where their food sources hang out – furniture, bedding, pet beds or crates, even clothing, and fur. What they don’t like are areas with a lot of foot traffic and sunlight.

    Our Method of Flea Treatment in San Antonio

    Since fleas are so small and fond of hiding away, our treatment service is usually extensive and a bit time-consuming. Be prepared to have yourself and your pets out of the house for three to four hours. It is also important to clear your floors of any clothes or toys. That way, there is no chance of them becoming contaminated by the chemicals we use.

    If we do an exterior treatment, keep pets and children off the grass while it is wet. You’ll only need to do this for a few days. Our yard treatment can also be combined with outdoor pest treatment for pests such as ants and mosquitoes. We offer a package discount if you have us perform both indoor and outdoor treatments.


    Many pest problems can sneak up on you suddenly, and this is especially true of fleas. If you have any concern or suspicion about a potential flea problem in your home or business, call us today and get the #1  San Antonio flea control team on the case!

    Our services are not only professional and effective but also affordable! BUGCO is owned by a Marine veteran, and many of our technicians are veterans as well. We are especially happy to offer discounts to veterans, first responders, and other groups.

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