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The Importance of Rodent Control

Rodents such as mice and rats cause all sorts of problems for homes and businesses. That’s why BUGCO® Pest Control offers sophisticated San Antonio rodent control treatment among our services. We have years of experience locating, trapping, and exterminating rodents, and we know the ins and outs of protecting various structures from infestation and damage.

If you see signs of a rodent problem at your home or business, BUGCO® Pest Control is your one-stop shop to prevent it from getting big and expensive. Read on to find out more about what our service provides.

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    Mice and Rats
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    Our Approach to Rodents

    Rats and other rodents are major pests for a variety of reasons. For one thing, they burrow and chew through all sorts of housing elements like plaster, insulation, and wiring. They can also ruin food supplies and spread disease and are good at concealing their numbers.

    However, some telltale signs can tip you off to a rodent invasion. Their burrowing and gnawing behavior will leave distinctive marks on wood, plastic, and other hard surfaces. Their droppings may be found under or behind furniture, and they also leave distinctive trails known as “rat runs” in grass and dirt as they follow the same paths to and from their burrows.

    The first step in any pest treatment is a careful inspection, and rodent control is no exception. Your BUGCO technician will thoroughly examine your property to determine where rodents are likely sheltering and/or feeding and, from there, come up with a plan of action that they will propose to you. This will often involve a combination of techniques.

    One of the key parts of rodent treatment is also “exclusion work,” or taking steps to ensure that the rodents won’t come back after the initial treatment. This will involve finding the rodents’ entry points to your home, sealing them up, and perhaps also placing strategic traps with bait stations. These will require regular maintenance, which can be easily included in our quarterly general service.

    Call For Effective Rodent Control in San Antonio!

    If you’ve come upon droppings, nests, or other signs of rodent activity on your property, then don’t waste any time in giving BUGCO a ring. Even if you’re not sure, it is always better to be safe than sorry – the more advanced a rodent infestation is, the more expensive and troublesome it is to get rid of and repair the damage it has caused.

    Our technicians provide exceptional, affordable rodent control services in the San Antonio area, as you can see for yourself in the customer testimonials on this site and on Yelp. We also offer service discounts for veterans and other groups and pride ourselves on providing our services at prices our competitors can’t beat.

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