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A Kitchen's Worst Enemy

Roaches are just gross, for lack of a better word, and an infestation of them is one of the more unpleasant challenges a home or business owner can face. In addition to being unsightly and tainting food supplies, they can transmit various bacterial infections to humans.

Cockroaches reproduce quickly and hide well, making them hard to eliminate. Different types require different tactics. Fortunately, BUGCO® Pest Control has experience in locating, identifying, and treating roaches in San Antonio.

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    Cockroach Infestation in Home
    Cockroach Touching Your Food

    Telling CockRoaches Apart

    Although roaches come in many varieties, they share certain common characteristics. They have long antennae and move quickly with their flat, oblong bodies that stay low to the ground. Their size and preferred habit can vary widely, but they generally favor places that offer moisture and dark, hidden spaces. San Antonio typically sees four varieties of this bug.

    First, Oriental roaches have a dark brown body, between one and two inches in length. Oriental roaches are often found in or near mulch beds in landscaping. 

    American roaches prefer heavy foliage and can fly, though they are of similar size to the Oriental ones. Asian roaches can also fly, but they are much smaller, measuring one or two centimeters. Finally, German roaches are the odd man out and the most problematic – we discuss these a bit more below.

    Asian, Oriental, And American Roach Control

    Oriental, Asian and American roaches are relatively easy to deal with, and treatment for them can be integrated into our quarterly general service. German roaches require a different process, however, so the first step in roach control is an inspection to determine exactly what species you’re dealing with.

    Exterior pest control methods are usually effective against Oriental, Asian and American roaches, as all three of these species prefer outdoor habitats and only find their way indoors from there. Our Perimeter of Protection will usually do the trick, although good landscaping practices can also help keep them out of mulch beds and foliage.

    Houston roach control by BUGCO can help resolve your issues.
    Roach in Home

    German Roach Treatment

    Probably the most infamous roach species, German roaches are small, flightless, and reproduce rapidly. They love moisture and dark, tight spaces, giving them a special affinity for kitchens where they can hide in the crannies around sinks and refrigerators and find plentiful food. Getting them out is more involved, similar to treatment for bedbugs or fleas.

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    San Antonio Roach Control Solutions

    It doesn’t matter if you have Oriental roaches in your flower garden or German roaches overtaking your kitchen; either way, you can trust BUGCO® Pest Control to identify the scope of the problem and take care of it effectively. For years we’ve been the trusted name for San Antonio roach control for homes and businesses!

    As with any pest problem, things can escalate quickly – so if you even suspect the possibility of a roach problem on your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Call (210) 340-2847 for a free estimate today!

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