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Our Termite Pledge Gets You Ahead

Termites are a common pest in the area, and one of the most damaging. At BUGCO® Pest Control, we pride ourselves on being one of the city’s main lines of defense against them. We encourage our customers to take as many precautions against termites as they can.

Failure to guard against termites can be an expensive mistake, as treatment for an infestation can be quite costly (to say nothing of the damage they cause). With BUGCO® Pest Control’s San AntonioTermite Pledge, however, customers are rewarded for termite preparedness – keep reading to find out how you can qualify!

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    A Destructive and Expensive Bug

    Termites are found all throughout the United States and are especially fond of the warm and humid climate we have here in San Antonio. This presents a real problem for property owners, as a colony of these insects is expensive and often difficult to eradicate. They also are one of the most destructive pests, damaging around 600,000 American homes every year!

    Yet many insurance policies don’t cover termite damage, leaving property owners to absorb repair costs on top of termite treatment – which usually sets you back about $1,000 for residential treatment, with warranty renewals running $100 or more after that. In other words, preventing a termite infestation from happening in the first place can mean big savings!

    It Pays to Prepare
    We offer our Termite Pledge as a means of helping our customers save on otherwise costly termite treatment and repairs. BUGCO® Pest Control customers are eligible if they are enrolled in our Residential Pest Control and Convenience Agreement and have corrected any conducive conditions on their property that would make them especially susceptible to termites.

    There are four main conditions to look out for on your property to be eligible for the Termite Pledge. First, any excess moisture that puddles up against your foundation or under your crawl space – such as from leaky spigots or blocked drains – can give termites an easy point of entry. High soil can have a similar effect if it covers up your foundation, or blocks any “weep holes” in masonry.

    It probably goes without saying that wood rot needs to be corrected as well, which is most likely to happen around windows, eaves, or under the siding. And finally, heavy foliage or debris covering your exterior walls presents a major obstacle to proper termite inspection and must be removed.
    Termite Infestation in Floor Board
    Termite Damaged Stairs

    Saving on Termite Protection in San Antonio

    If termite activity is found on a property covered by our Termite Pledge in San Antonio, we will draft up a proposal and perform the necessary treatment at no extra cost. While individual termite treatments in San Antonio can easily run over $1,000, coverage under the Termite Pledge can provide termite protection for less than $100 of added costs a year!

    In short, the protection we offer against termites ahead of time is much simpler and more affordable than treatments and repairs after the fact. Call BUGCO® Pest Control today for a free estimate and make sure your property is protected!

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