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Remove Wildlife From Your Home

Although people commonly think of pest removal as getting rid of bugs and rats, your BUGCO® Pest Control technician is also prepared to deal with the larger kinds as well. If you’re dealing with critters such as raccoons, squirrels, or opossums, call us first to get your problem solved!

We specialize in San Antonio wildlife removal that is not only efficient and effective, but humane as well. And as with our other pest treatments, we take care not only to remove your unwelcome guests but to keep them from coming back as well!

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    The Importance of Wildlife Removal

    San Antonio is home to a wide variety of wildlife, and while some of our native critters are cute at first glance, they can also cause serious problems. To name just a few – rabbits ruin vegetable gardens, squirrels invade attics, and raccoons ransack garbage cans. In addition to these annoyances, these pests can also carry disease. Some of the larger ones can even injure children or pets.

    However, we also understand the importance of San Antonio’s wildlife and ecological diversity. So we are well-versed in techniques that allow us to safely remove and relocate any offending critters.

    Safe, Thorough, Humane Removal

    If your home or business has a problem with rabbits, opossums, skunks, or similar wildlife, we can conduct an initial inspection. In it, we’ll scout out the animals’ activity and advise you on a plan for removal. If we are already working with you on another service or as part of our general pest control, we can waive the inspection fee as well.

    As mentioned above, we care about preserving the native wildlife, and so we are careful to safely trap, relocate, and release these animals without harming them. However, for even larger animals such as alligators, coyotes, or foxes, we will refer you to your local animal control or Texas Parks and Wildlife.

    Keeping Wildlife Out!

    In addition to a plan for removing your pests, your BUGCO® Pest Control technician may also offer you an exclusion proposal, which we often incorporate into our other pest treatments. This is a plan for preventing the unwelcome guests from returning by finding the animal’s entry points and blocking them off through repairs, repellent, or other means.

    Trust BUGCO® For Professional Wildlife Removal in San Antonio

    Although we love the wide variety of native species in Texas, we also recognize that they can be every bit as problematic as insects. And like any pest, the sooner a problem is found and addressed, the more you save on time, money, and aggravation!

    If you’re seeing signs of furry intruders under the porch, up in the attic, flower garden, or anywhere else, don’t wait to get in touch! BUGCO® Pest Control is your one-stop-shop for safe, humane wildlife removal in San Antonio.

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