Are Your Houseplants Bringing Bugs Into Your Home?

Are Houseplants Bringing Bugs into Your Texas Home?

Watering HouseplantAre houseplants bringing bugs into your home a worry for you?  We all know that without plants, life on our planet would most likely not exist. That is why so many people choose to fill their homes with plants. They help purify the air, and the right house plants can look really nice. Keeping houseplants in pristine conditions can be a little bit of a challenge, and there are times when houseplants may introduce some unwanted pests. Once these pests take hold of your home, they can be difficult to control without killing off your garden of house plants. Here are a few more common pests you may find when bringing plants into your home.


No one likes spiders in their home, but coming home with new houseplants from the local nursery might be enough to give anyone a mild case of arachnophobia. That’s right, those eight-legged little creatures love hiding in plants. They eagerly wait for the right person to come along and give them a ride to what they consider to be nirvana; the inside of your home.

You can prevent this from happening by looking very closely at the plants before you bring them home. You may not like sticking your face in a plant to look for spiders, but it is better that you find them now instead of waking up to one crawling across your face.

Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnats are common in areas with a dry climate, like San Antonio. You won’t notice them at first, but one day you will notice a small flying insect buzzing around your face. You might not think much of it until this starts becoming a regular thing, and the next thing you know, your entire house is overrun with these little flying pests.

This infestation can be difficult to control without removing your plants because these little guys come from the soil in your plant containers. If you are over-watering your plants, these gnats will definitely appear in your home.

Adding plants to your home does not need to be an open invitation for bugs and other insect pests. If your houseplants are bringing bugs into your home, call us at 210-340-2847. We will be glad to come by and help you get to the root of the problem.

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