How Long After Pest Control Do Bugs Die?

How Long After Pest Control Do Bugs Die

Pest control services are highly effective ways to rid your home and offices of infestation from various bugs and critters. If you have yet to outsource a company for the first time, it is understandable to have a few questions in mind.

One of the most common inquiries we get is how long it takes for bugs to die after a pest control service.

Ultimately, that depends on a few factors:

What kinds of bugs or pests are we dealing with?

Generally, most pest control services would require a treatment every three months to eliminate the source and prevent it from starting again. We suggest reapplication every month for more severe conditions.

How serious has the infestation gotten?

It should be easier to stop and eradicate infestations caught early than those spread out across the home or office.

Has the source of the infestation been successfully closed off or prevented?

If the nesting area has been successfully treated, it is essential to re-inspect to ensure that the breeding process has not started again.

Has the life cycle of the pest been interrupted in time?

Bugs respond to pest control treatment differently depending on their life stage. For example, eggs are not as vulnerable to pesticides, which may leave the breeding process to continue even without the adults.

What is the weather like?

Bug activity tends to increase as the temperature gets hot. Heat and humidity greatly influence the way bugs reproduce and stay active. Similarly, moisture also allows pests to reproduce more, so getting treatment regularly during the summer and rainy seasons is crucial.

How many treatments have been performed in total?

After the first treatment, it is normal to see bug activity still because they have just been forced out of their habitat and are trying to adapt. Products manufactured to kill pests don’t often do so immediately – it can take a few days or weeks. If you still see a lot of active bugs ten days post-treatment, then we recommend booking that next session.

How Does Pest Control Kill Bugs?

Before any pest control job, it is crucial for the company to seek out the nesting grounds first and eliminate the infestation at the source. This is one of the most effective ways to hinder their breeding process and prevent the pests from spreading. Determining the entry points and concentrating treatment in those areas can also help stop the infestation.

Moreover, one treatment cannot be expected to resolve the entire issue. This is because of the multiple factors above that come into play. The pest control company should schedule multiple treatments to eliminate the pest issue for a more effective solution.

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