Mosquito Prediction

What’s the Mosquito Prediction for 2017

In this video, John Onofrey talks with Darrell Mather of BUGCO® Pest Control about the Houston and San Antonio mosquito predictions for 2017. The winter weather has been warmer than expected, so the mosquito season may start earlier.  There also may be more mosquitoes than in average years.

The video was recorded before BUGCO® Pest Control Houston purchased BUGCO® San Antonio.  The discussion about Houston applies to San Antonio as well.

Here are John Onofrey and Darrell Mather.

Summary of San Antonio Mosquito Prediction for 2017

  • John Onofrey – I think going into the spring and the summer, we’re probably gonna have a very brisk mosquito season.
  • Darrell Mather – Yeah, I mean, it’s unfortunate, but it’s true. It’s a side effect of the warm winter. Here it is the middle of winter and it’s 80 degrees outside.
  • John Onofrey – Right.
  • Darrell Mather – So, we’re not gonna have enough cold weather to reduce their population significantly. Yeah, yard treatments, mosquito misting systems, and backpack foggings are probably going to be very high this year.
  • John Onofrey – Awesome, thanks.
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    Prepare Now for Texas Mosquito Season

    Misting System Install

    The weather has been so warm in most areas around Texas that it only takes a few warm days in a row for mosquitoes to reappear.  So the mosquito prediction for Texas might be that mosquitoes have become a year-round nuisance.  The Zika mosquito threat has disappeared from the news, but it is sure to return as the warmer weather returns.  So now is the time for you to prepare for an intense mosquito season in the San Antonio area.

    BUGCO® Pest Control offers its customers a diverse strategy for reducing mosquito populations around your home.  Yard treatments, mosquito misting systems, and backpack fogging all have a role in making your home comfortable and safe during the 2017 mosquito season.

    Call BUGCO® Pest Control for expert, professional technicians trained to provide you with the best strategy possible for eliminating mosquitoes from your home while safeguarding your family and your pets.