Have you ever wondered “What are the chances of bringing bed bugs home from a hotel?”?

You might be shocked to know that is it is more common than you think. Common enough for people to create a registry of hotels of where Bed Bug activity has been seen all in an attempt to rate hotels so they can try to get refunds. Let’s debunk some Bed Bug myths.

Bed Bugs Means a Dirty Hotel: False

Hotels are not at fault for having Bed Bugs any more than you are for having ants in your yard. Bed Bugs are common in hotels and motels because they are hitchhikers and can be introduced by fellow travelers at any time. This is why hotels and motels, much like restaurants and even your house requires routine general pest control. Bed Bugs don’t care about Google Reviews or Cleanliness and can be found everywhere from 5-Star Resorts to 1-Star Motels across the world. 

So you get to your hotel and are ready to relax and just as you do you find evidence of bed bugs, now what? That is the easy part. Pick up your belongings, go to the manager and ask for another room. The hotel manager will leave that room unoccupied until they can get their BUGCO® Pest Control out to treat the room. 

Bed Bugs are the Hotels Fault: False

While Bed Bugs may be present that does not mean you will be able to find evidence that there. Bed Bugs are silent hitchhikers. this means you can be unaware that they have found their way onto your luggage, purse, clothes, or other personal items you have brought with you and sat on the bed or floor. It is when you are checking out of the hotel and ready to head home that you may not be aware that you are bringing these unwanted guests home with you.

So you walk in the door, and set your luggage down on the bed to unpack later. In the meantime, they are making themselves comfortable in your house. Bed Bugs are slow and don’t like to travel far which means they are most active when you are inactive. Yep, bedtime or even on the couches, loveseats or recliners. And since they tend to be nocturnal it can make their detection difficult because when they are not active they are hiding in cracks and crevices. 

If you suspect that you have brought Bed Bugs home or that someone has introduced them into your house call BUGCO® Pest Control for your inspection. We will find the nests, tailor a treatment plan and provide you with the best warranty around.

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