The city of Houston, and the entire state of Texas, in general, is heavily infested with bugs and other critters – specifically, cockroaches. There are millions, probably even billions or trillions living in the city. Scientists say the state is overrun by cockroaches, and there is really no efficient way to count all of them.

In a single residence, there may be more than 50,000 roaches living in a home. This is probably partly because Texas is hot as well as urban, which makes it an ideal breeding ground for cockroaches.

Cockroaches, apart from being ugly, are also disgusting, dirty and pose a hazard to human health. They carry hundreds of different diseases and are known to even bite people.

Exterminators say the cockroach is the most complained about bug in the whole of Texas. Every year, nearly $200 million are spent in the state of Texas to exterminate cockroaches. Despite this, the cockroach population seems to grow relentlessly, showing they can survive even the most aggressive attacks. 

Here are some ways to kill cockroaches

  1. Crush them

You can start with the old-fashioned stepping on them method. This method is quite satisfactory after a long day of them scurrying beneath your couch into dark corners. If you’ve had a particularly long day or an important visit with guests, where they kept moving beneath your guests’ feet, nothing can quite beat the good feeling that comes from you crushing them beneath your feet. 

Do it right, though. Cockroaches can live for a few days without their heads. No one wants a headless bug running around like the one that got away. Of course, this method has its limits. 

  1. Hire an exterminator

If cockroaches disgust you to the point that seeing them makes you shudder, then your next best option would be hiring a professional exterminator. The cost to do this can vary; however, it is common for the procedure to cost less than $30. If you have a problem with termites as well, it can become a lot more expensive. Termite extermination can easily cost up to $300. If you happen to hire a ‘professional’ team that offers you their services for anything under $10, you might as well open up a hotel for cockroaches. To be sure that you have the right people for the job, ask for their license or SPCB ID cards.

  1. DIY exterminate

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, but do not relish the thought of scrapping cockroach guts off your shoe, try products such as Baygon, Diazinon, or Dursban. Many exterminators use these products. However, since you’ll be doing it yourself, be prepared to redo it every 3-4 months. 

Extermination is actually a 2-step process. First, there’s a lot of heavy spraying, and then every 10-12 weeks, you get to do it again. Also, keep in mind that the bugs might develop a resistance to the chemicals you use as well as hide until the chemical wears off. That’s why it is always better to get a professional to do it instead. 

If you’d like to avoid chemicals, a less toxic and inexpensive solution to your infestation problem might be boric acid. Mix boric acid with edible white food such as flour, then pour it into small bottle caps. Place the caps at different points in the kitchen. If you mix properly, this will kill the cockroaches.

However, if you have kids or pets, this isn’t the best solution as boric acid, although common, is highly toxic if eaten. 

There are many ways to get rid of cockroaches, making it easy to kill them. However, preventing them from getting into your house is a totally different ballpark.

We know having any type of bugs in your home can be overwhelming; that’s why BugCo offers professional services that make the bugs go and keeps them from coming back.