Why Are There Ants in My House?

If you have an indoor ant infestation, it can be a highly frustrating experience. One question that our Houston pest control customers ask is, “Why do ants come in my house?” Here are the answers to that question.

As many people know, ants are attracted to food. Usually, sweet foods are their favorite; however, some colonies just want food, period. To make sure you don’t roll out the welcome mat for ants, keep your kitchen counters clean, keep your carpets vacuumed, and don’t take food into your bedrooms. If crumbs are on your surfaces, you’re asking for trouble; all it takes is one ant to find the crumbs, and he will summon a track of worker ants to carry it back to the nest. Remember, pet food is still food, and ants love it – so keep your dog and cat food sealed as best you can. Once ants invade your pet’s food, it really isn’t safe to use.

Next, ants love heat; that’s why you typically see them in the summer months. They are more likely to die off in the winter, unless they are smart enough to seek heat indoors. Some ant colonies have especially good survival instincts, and will head indoors in the winter months in search of heat. Heat is the answer to another common question about ants: “Why do ants like electrical equipment?” If you have ever had an ant infestation inside a DVD player, speaker holes or other electrical items, it is most likely because the colony was attracted to the heat inside. To keep ants away from your electrical equipment, invest in some affordable ant traps and stick them near those items.

Often, homeowners can fend off ants just by following the tips here. If you still manage to get an ant infestation inside the home, Bugco will be glad to help you address the problem. Contact our Houston pest control professionals for more information.

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