Keep Pests Out of Your Place of Business

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words pest control? Most people think of roaches crawling around their home in the middle of the night, or termites chewing through walls, roofs and flooring. These things are all thought to be problems that only affect residential homes. Pest control is not a subject that comes up often at the office all that often but commercial pest control is equally important.

Businesses Have Pests Too

The business world has more problems with common pests than you could ever imagine. Food processing plants will always attract rodents and other pests. Restaurants and other food preparation businesses are fighting a constant battle to keep pests from contaminating their products. These are things the average person never once considers simply because they don’t realize how businesses have to deal with these common problems.

If you happen to own a business, then you already know just how bad common pests can be especially in the food preparation industry. They can contaminate your food and close your business. Businesses can use the following tips to help keep pests out of their place of business.

  • Hire a pest control company to perform routine pest control services.
  • Cleanliness goes a very long way. No food means no pests!
  • Remove any water from the picture.
  • All foods stored in airtight containers with heavy metal lids.
  • All exhaust filters cleaned daily.
  • All floors must be kept dry and free from grease buildup.
  • All floors must be mopped, sanitized and cleaned daily.
  • All food preparation devices must be cleaned and sanitized daily.

These are just a few things that can be done to prevent pests from wanting to come into your place of business. If you are having trouble keeping pests out of your place of business, give us a call. At Bugco, we are the commercial pest control experts and we are not satisfied until your place of business is pest free.

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