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You may not have an aversion to houseflies, but mosquitoes— the teeny-weeny blood-sucking bugs—must be on the top of your hate list. Have you heard the slogan: “small bite, big threat”? Well, that’s what mosquitoes are—a threat to our existence! If you are still not convinced about their fatal bites, then you may not have heard that mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures on the planet. Forget dinosaurs! The next time you hear that whining sound near your ear, you may consider running away as far as possible.

However, instead of running, try calling some experts who can eradicate them for you. If you are in the Austin, Texas area, BUGCO® Pest Control can help you out. Our proven and effective mosquito control systems can keep your family safe.

How Does BUGCO® Pest Control Deal With Mosquitoes in Austin?

BUGCO® Pest Control uses a range of advanced mosquito exterminating systems to identify and eliminate any potential breeding locations. For example, larvicide kills mosquito larvae and minimizes mosquito breeding in stagnant water. BUGCO® Pest Control provides a customized, highly- effective Austin, Texas -appropriate mosquito control strategy that can help protect you and your loved ones.

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    Mosquitoes Are a Reason To Worry

    The list of reasons why mosquitoes are bad may be endless. Here’s what’s specifically bad about their bites.

    Firstly, mosquitoes spread dengue, a rapidly spreading disease that can be fatal for children. Worldwide, around 50-100 million people suffer from this mosquito-borne illness. Plus, there is no vaccine to prevent dengue.

    Secondly, mosquitoes spread yellow fever, a hemorrhagic fever, with no current treatment. Though vaccines are available for protection and increasing immunity, those infected with yellow fever can become severely ill. Patients with severe yellow fever can enter a toxic phase that may even lead to death.

    Thirdly, these insects never play fair. Some people complain that they are mosquito magnets. Contrary to popular Austin, Texas beliefs, you can’t rely on garlic and natural repellents; however, mosquitoes do target some people more than others. It may be due to the individual’s natural body odor or ascent emitted by the bacteria living on our skin.

    Lastly, mosquitos can be tough to get rid of. They breed easily and can survive in any environment. Additionally, mosquitos travel quickly and wreak havoc in no time. Take, for example, the Asian Tiger Mosquito. This species has been infamous for spreading dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever to 36 states in the USA since 1985.

    We're Serious About Mosquito Control

    For large areas like a yard, BUGCO® Pest Control installs mosquito misting systems that quickly kill these insects in 2-3 sprays. Additionally, the In2Care Mosquito System can cover an area of approximately 4,000 square feet and provide continuous control.

    Yard treatments utilizing a moisture-activated, granular insecticide prove to be beneficial against mosquitoes. Truck-Mounted Mosquito Fogging systems generally work overnight, killing mosquitoes while you sleep. Fogging is most effective when repeated once or twice a week.

    BUGCO® Pest Control is a licensed commercial pest control company trusted for its skilled technicians, capable of handling the trickiest mosquito termination process. We tailor our strategies to your needs and design effective, reasonably priced solutions for all your pest problems. We gladly offer discounts to first responders, veterans, and other groups.

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