Austin WDI Reports and Termite Inspections

WDI And Termites

Wood-destroying insects— or WDI— and termites are a nightmare for any property owner in Austin, Texas. They build colonies inside the beams of your walls in no time and can start rotting the very foundation of your home. That’s why termite infestations must be exterminated – as of yesterday!

BUGCO® Pest Control, a certified pest control company offering services in Austin, Texas, is here to help with your termite problems. Our expert, certified termite technicians are highly skilled at designing customized strategies for your pest eradication needs.

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    WDI Inspection finds Termite Damage Inside Wood
    Termite Hive

    Why Are Termites a Problem?

    Termites may be small in size, but they are a huge problem in the Austin area. Also known as silent destroyers, termites and other WDI can secretly thrive in your attic and walls. Unfortunately, without a regular inspection of your property, it could be rather late by the time you figure out the critter problem in your home.

    These wood eaters do not rest! Believe it or not, termites work 24 x 7 to ruin, chew, and destroy plasters, walls, stucco, and wood. They can quickly dwindle the structural integrity of your home. They are usually hidden and very difficult to identify. But they are capable of wreaking havoc on your property.

    You should safeguard your house from these pests, and BUGCO® Pest Control can help you do exactly that. We have WDI and termite inspection services where we conduct a proper search of your premises. In the case of pest control, the saying “prevention is better than cure” fits aptly.

    WDI And Termite Inspections

    At BUGCO® Pest Control, we have years of expertise and experience conducting in-depth inspections of homes and commercial buildings for termites and WDIs. Our team in Austin, Texas, is adept at doing a fast yet thorough check of the premises.

    If we find a termite or WDI problem during our inspection, our BUGCO® Pest Control team will destroy the pests. We will also provide you with our warranty so that you can rest assured. Should you need us, we will return and take care of any living termite problem during the warranty period without any additional charges.

    Home Inspections Provide Peace of Mind

    Termites and WDIs are incredibly harmful to your real estate. They not only ruin the foundation of your property but also leave you with huge repair bills. That’s why it’s so essential to complete home inspections at your Austin, Texas property regularly.

    Such checks will help keep peace of mind and identify any termite problem initially before there’s an opportunity to do much damage. Talk to a BUGCO® Pest Control representative today to understand what is the scope of coverage we can provide.

    Being a veteran-owned firm, we offer attractive discounts to veterans and similar groups. We cater to government and commercial buildings as well as residential properties. All you need to do is give us a call, and we will be glad to help you out with your pest problem!

    Watch this video on how to tell termites apart.
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