Austin Wildlife Removal

Kick Wildlife out of Your Home

Austin, Texas is known to have thriving wildlife. However, they are better suited to their dwellings than your home! If you find animals like raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, or opossums in or around your living quarters, call BUGCO® Pest Control right away.

Our expert technicians can identify the location of your wild intruder, capture them, and remove them from your property. Is your property inhabited by a larger animal such as an alligator, coyote, or fox? In that case, it is best to contact Texas Parks and Wildlife or a local animal control service.

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    Our Houston Wildlife Removal can remove a Skunk in yard

    Do You Need Wildlife Removal in Austin?

    Wild animals can be dangerous in urban surroundings. They may react uncharacteristically and pose a danger, or they can be cumbersome to get rid of if they feel welcome and identify your Austin, Texas home as a source of shelter. Basically, these wild animals pose a threat to your property. They can also be carriers of diseases like rabies, hantavirus, or toxoplasmosis!

    However, we don’t want to harm them. Instead, we safely capture them from your home and release them into the wild, where they belong. Removal is safe for you as well as the wildlife animal in question.

    Humane Treatment is Our Priority

    BUGCO® Pest Control believes strongly in humane wildlife removal. So, how do we do it? Our expert technicians will visit your premises and thoroughly inspect the grounds to identify the problem. BUGCO® Pest Control will waive the inspection fee if we are already working on another pest removal treatment at your home.

    Once we identify the problem, your BUGCO® Pest Control technician will suggest the best way to capture the wildlife animal—whether you have opossums, raccoons, squirrels, or rabbits. After a mutual agreement, we will arrange for the trapping work to be done.

    We capture and relocate animals in the safest way possible, posing no harm to you or the animal.

    Keeping Them From Returning

    We also offer an exclusion service, which involves finding and sealing the entry point that the animal has used to enter your home.

    This exclusion service BUGCO® Pest Control provides is a great way to ensure the animals do not return to your Austin, Texas property. During this process, the technician will close the entry points and suggest incorporating specific changes in your landscape that will help keep these pests away.

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