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Termites can cause severe monetary and structural losses to your home or office buildings if not controlled at the beginning. These tiny critters silently chew through wood and turn it into dust. In this way, they attack the very foundation of your home, resulting in colossal damage to its structure.

There are three basic types of termites – subterranean, drywood and dampwood. They live in colonies and are attracted to wood. As the names suggest, drywood termites prefer inhabiting dry wooden structures, whereas dampwood termites enjoy moist wooden areas. We also find dampwood termites inside damp walls.

Subterranean termites create mud tubes to find their way into wooden places. These tubes are an easy way to identify if you have a termite infestation in your home.

Termites can enter homes through cracked shingles, broken windows, and unsealed plumbing pipes.   

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    Why Are Termites a Problem?

    Termites are among the most challenging pests to get rid of and one of the most dangerous critters. They harm your home as well as your health and that of your loved ones. Their droppings and saliva may cause irritability of the eyes, and their infestation is known to heighten the risk of asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a regular check of your Austin area real estate to prevent termite infestation.

    How BUGCO Deals With Termites in Austin

    If a BUGCO inspection shows swarms of termites inside your premises, we’ll suggest the appropriate treatment to exterminate the critters. The process of exterminating termites is quite involved. First, we dig trenches in the soil around the foundation of your house and drill holes into concrete driveways. We then spray the trench and inject the treatment into the holes drilled in the concrete. Then, we will refill the trench and install chemical barriers around the exterior of the building.

    We focus on delivering safe and effective treatments that will not pose any hazards to you or your family. Our trained technicians are adept at carrying out smooth, hassle-free termite control services that safeguard your Austin, Texas property from any future termite infestation.

    Termite Infestation in Floor Board
    Termite Damaged Stairs

    Professional Termite Treatment

    BUGCO is a certified, professionally managed company that can help you find and eradicate the termite problem in your home. We offer effective and long-lasting pest control. We stand behind our services and want our customers to have long-lasting results. That’s why we provide warranties for up to one year from the time of our termite treatment service.

    Dealing with termites is no small task, and we strongly recommend that you stay away from DIY solutions for such problems. With BUGCO, rest assured, termite treatment is affordable, and the peace of mind will be worth every penny. Plus, we are Austin, Texas’ preferred partner for pest control in residential and commercial buildings – trust us to make the bugs go.

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